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Never Mind The Bar Charts

Mark Pack

Stephen Tall and Mark Pack talk about the Liberal Democrats, British politics and a few stray digressions. Occasionally features Brexit.

22:00 | Sep 22nd

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, a variation of the usual format in which I interview Paula Surridge about her research into the British electorate. She's been one of the pioneers in understanding how there is more than lef...Show More

39:10 | Sep 10th

Stephen Tall attempts to fisk Mark Pack's Remainer optimism. He possibly fails. Or does he?  Show notes Keep count of how many Liberal Democrat MPs there are. Monica Harding is the Lib Dem PPC for Dominic Raab's constituency. Demand Better sets o...Show More
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31:30 | Aug 30th

Mark Pack goes full on cheerleading for Remain. Stephen Tall responds with half a bucket of cold water. Show notes: Beatrice Wishart wins in Shetland. Reasons to doubt the Boris Johnson / Dominic Cummings strategy. The public doesn't like proro...Show More

36:04 | Aug 15th

Stephen Tall and Mark Pack discuss the victory of Jane Dodds and the switch of Sarah Wollaston.

40:35 | Jul 30th

Stephen Tall and Mark Pack discuss the outcome of the Lib Dem leadership race and how optimistic Lib Dems should now be.
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