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The Thruline with Jay Larson

Jay Larson

When you're the youngest of four kids in a single parent house you don't always get all of your needs met. That's why comedian, writer and over all inquisitor Jay Larson has so many unanswered interests. Jay uses a type writer because his grandfather...Show More

1:03:03 | Sep 12th

Writer and standup Noah Gardenswartz is in the studio today. He shares what it's like to occupy the specific cultural space he does and how he got there. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit More

1:13:11 | Sep 5th

Jay talks about the importance of kindness, party throwing etiquette, and answers some tough listener questions. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
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1:00:21 | Aug 29th

Jay reveals the secrets of his light spotting abilities, as well as stories of gambling in his youth and answering your questions. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

57:13 | Aug 22nd

Jay's got some shoutouts this week! Stories of his early days of comedy and also everything seems to be coming back to this time of year being special. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

1:04:47 | Aug 15th

It's Jay's birthday! Or was. And Jay doubles down on his philosophy about birthday celebrating as well as work-life balance, neighbors, and most of all the life lesson that no matter what it is, just be involved. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineL...Show More

1:03:01 | Aug 8th

In this episode, Jay doesn't answer your questions. Instead, he talks family: why quality time with kids comes first and family vacations past and present. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit More

1:06:15 | Aug 1st

Back by popular demand (and because it was just so fun!) Jay sits down with Jay and asks the real questions. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

1:14:33 | Jul 25th

This week's guest is comic and writer Shane Torres. Shane and Jay talk about comedy, kids looking like their parents, and how easy it is to be considerate of other people. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit me...Show More

1:07:51 | Jul 18th

Trying something new this week! On this special, guest-less episode Jay riffs, talks about life, and answers your questions from social media! Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

1:07:35 | Jul 11th

This week's guest is a fellow Starburns alum and all around creative powerhouse, Mary Lynn Rajskub. The two talk about their careers in comedy and the funny and unexpected ways friendships between creatives can grow. Listen, share and review!! #thrul...Show More

1:07:29 | Jul 4th

Happy 4th! Jay and Justin get deep in this one, talking about LGBTQ+ visibility in America, the process of coming out, and when we really know who we are... when it comes to sexuality and everything else. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn mor...Show More

1:31:07 | Jun 27th

This week's guest is comedian and all around creative Asif Ali. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

1:30:25 | Jun 20th

Fellow podcast host Rick Glassman comes by and the two discuss life both on and off mic. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit

1:15:47 | Jun 13th

Writer and actor Punkie Johnson comes by to talk to Jay about comedy and married life and the importance of normalizing diverse family structures for your kids. Listen, share and review!! #thrulineLearn more about your ad choices. Visit More

1:06:13 | Jun 6th

Caleb and Jay get to the basics. They talk about how we live our lives and whether birth order affects who we are. Caleb gets into what people get wrong about him, including the pronunciation of his name. Listen share and review!!! #thruline Learn mo...Show More

1:32:45 | May 30th

Jay and Bobby may have been separated at birth. These guys love family, building, Boston and being old school. Bobby shares stories of growing up in a 2 bedroom with 13 people, getting sober at 15 and his love of life, art and family. This episode ha...Show More

1:12:31 | May 23rd

I dare you to go see Deborah DiGiovani live and not fall in love with her! This episode could have gone on for hours but they managed to talk about family, comedy and Canada! Just like Deborah’s stand up there is so much hidden away in this episode, ...Show More

1:00:29 | May 16th

This week Jay sits down with Amp Radio’s Brian Moote to talk about what it takes to make it in radio, growing up on a farm and letting go of college hoop dreams and accepting he was just gonna be a comedian! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit me...Show More

1:05:55 | May 9th

Pretend debate team, High school theater and sex jokes in front friends and family. Those are just some of the things Jay and his guest Beth Stelling discuss on this week’s episode. Beth is a true theater geek and hilarious comedian who’s perspective...Show More

1:08:13 | May 2nd

Stand Up, Improv, Sketch, Musical Comedy... Are you a fan of any of these? Then you need to know this week’s guest Jeremiah Watkins. Comedy is daunting enough so to have more than one hand in the game is impressive. We sit and talk about growing up, ...Show More

1:13:25 | Apr 25th

What is a traditional childhood? I guess that differs on everyone you ask right? But I bet growing up Muslim is a little different? What about Muslim in Central Florida? That must be really different. My guest this week is comedian Ismael Lotfi and f...Show More

1:22:05 | Apr 18th

Podcaster, comedian, and seeker of enlightenment Duncan Trussell joins Jay this week for a candid talk philosophy, comedy, and where the two intersect. Take a listen and share on your social media and give us a rating and review if you like!!! #Thrul...Show More

1:18:21 | Apr 9th

Special announcement... NEXT WEEK the podcast will officially move to Thursdays. And even more special announcement is that this weeks guest is TONE BELL! Tone is a super talented actor and comedian and can be seen on the CBS show "Fam”. This week Ja...Show More

1:06:11 | Apr 2nd

I think the word crazy gets thrown around a little too loosely, but not with this guest! Kidding, she’s not crazy, she’s amazing and we are super excited to have her on this week’s episode. Steph Tolev is a standup comedian with a bit of a temper, a ...Show More

1:08:34 | Mar 26th

This week’s guest starred opposite Don Cheadle in the Miles Davis bio-pic “Miles Ahead”, stars in theHBO show “Ballers” and has a new show “The Red Line” coming out on ABC. And she and Jay happened to star in “The Invitation” together. But acting isn...Show More

1:02:37 | Mar 19th

There are fourteen 3 star Michelin rated restaurants in the United States, yes, only 14! And this week Jay sits down with the Ex-General Manager Michael Muser of Grace in Chicago to talk food, fine dinning and what lengths you go to to get a 3star mi...Show More

1:00:57 | Mar 12th

This week on the Thruline Jay sits down with writer Sherman Payne. You never know who you’re gonna meet, even at your kid’s preschool. Sherman is a tv and film writer and has a really cool story of getting from A to Z, even if he’s only on G. The guy...Show More

1:16:23 | Mar 5th

This week Jay sits down with his Logan Marshall-Green, his costar from “The Invitation”. Costar is a loose term for Jay, Logan was the lead, Jay had some lines. Good buddies since the film the guys talk family, camping, what goes into acting and how ...Show More

1:09:09 | Feb 26th

This week on the Thruline I welcome my good friend Tom Everett Scott. You know Tom from "I'm Sorry" on TruTV and of course as "Shades" in the cult classic, "That Thing You Do". Tom is a great actor and someone I have known for a while through a good ...Show More

1:04:41 | Feb 19th

Being a wizard doesn’t necessarily make you a magician, for instance Dan Harmon is a Dungeons and Dragons phenom but he can’t make you disappear. But I ask you, does being a magician make you a wizard? Or give you wizardry? Take a listen to this week...Show More

1:08:58 | Feb 11th

This week Jay sits down with Dan Harmon, creator of Community and Rick and Morty to talk story telling, what it's like being in charge of an entire TV show and what obstacles had to be overcome along the way. Going from story telling curator, Ira Gla...Show More

1:07:07 | Feb 5th

This week Jay carries thru the wonderful story telling of Tim Dillon in last weeks episode to this week's guest Ira Glass. Ira Glass is the host of "This American Life" an amazing radio show that epitomizes American story telling for over two decades...Show More

1:49:28 | Jan 29th

Rolling off Cristella Alonzo's stories of wanting to be an actor from 7 years old Jay brings on child actor and stand up comedian Tim Dillon. Tim is New York born and raised and you can hear it in his voice. Tim is a guy you'd want to spend a holiday...Show More

1:26:02 | Jan 22nd

On this week's new and improved episode Jay sits down with the hilarious comedian/actor/writer Christela Alonzo. They discuss crossing the border illegally, struggling as a family and how she made it all the way to the top. This episode is the first ...Show More

1:14:02 | Jan 17th

On this special edition jay sits down for the full length conversation with Michael Kelly from House of cards. They talk about growing up in the south, being a braves fan, going to college on a track scholarship and eventually finding acting.Learn mo...Show More

54:52 | Jan 15th

On this week's episode of The Thruline Jay uses Binoculars as a way to get to know Writer/actor/comedian Adam Cayton Holland. Adam created "Those Who Can't" on TruTV and authored the memoir, "Tragedy plus Time". Adam is also an avid bird watcher whic...Show More

1:08:18 | Jan 8th

On the inaugural episode of the Thruline podcast host Jay Larson discusses Vinyl records with guests Marc Maron and Jimmy Greenwood. Maron hosts the amazing WTF podcasts and starred in the show Maron on IFC and currently stars in Glow on Netflix and ...Show More

32:49 | Dec 31st, 2018

Here it is, the prelude to the highly anticipated podcast "Thruline" with Jay Larson. In this mini episode Jay breaks down the scape of the podcast, future guests and why he decided to start this podcast at this time and in this manner. While each ep...Show More