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The Industrial Revolutions

Dave Broker

The story of how a primate species created a world full of skyscrapers, airplanes, nuclear weapons, and vaccines. From the mass production of cotton weaving in the first industrial revolution of the 18th Century, to the digital revolution of today, t...Show More

43:18 | Jul 16th

How the French chaos transformed the political, religious, and economic orders of Continental Europe.

38:40 | Jun 25th

In this episode, we explore the underlying intellectual reasons for the American Revolution, and how that Revolution reshaped those ideas into a philosophy that would take over the world as industrialization spread.

41:49 | Aug 20th

How France, the UK, and US abolished the slave trade in the early 19th Century.

33:53 | Aug 13th

As chemistry advanced in the 18th Century, it was applied to perhaps the all-time greatest dream of humankind: Learning how to fly.

34:08 | Aug 6th

How a shadowy network of militant 20-somethings, led by a man who probably never existed, went to war with machines and their owners in the early 19th Century.

23:00 | Jul 30th

The story of London's first industrial factory and how its destruction led to England's unofficial national anthem.

39:35 | Jul 23rd

How the first Industrial Revolution spread to pockets of France, the Low Countries, Germany, and Eastern Europe.

24:43 | Jul 9th

Get caught up on French history before we get into the French Revolution and Napoleon next week!

34:28 | Jul 2nd

Alexander Hamilton tried to bring the Industrial Revolution to America and Thomas Jefferson tried to stop him. Let's discuss why.

37:41 | Jun 11th

A survey of religious controversies and developments of the late 18th Century.

32:03 | Jun 4th

In the mid-1700s, a revival of nonconformist churches swept over the English world - and it had a profound impact on the coming Industrial Revolution.

45:18 | May 28th

The lives of three scientists who helped shape the industrialized world: Antoine Lavoisier, Edward Jenner, and Humphrey Davy.

52:19 | May 21st

Dave responds to your questions about factory labor, environmentalism, patents, the universal basic income, the role of mothers, and himself.

32:57 | May 17th

Starting in the mid-18th Century, a few individuals took the chemistry lessons out of the laboratory and applied them to industry. These are their stories.

28:01 | May 10th

The mechanical engineers who gave us standardized tools and the powerful industrial machines of the future.

44:04 | May 3rd

How the principles of mass production were applied to a brewery, a pottery business, and a shipyard in the first Industrial Revolution.

35:17 | Apr 26th

The story of the competitive inventors who put everything on the line to be the first to build profitable steamboats.

33:22 | Apr 12th

How canals helped speed up trade and fuel industrialization in the age before trains and highways.

12:35 | Apr 9th

Dave and Sarah discuss how, in this podcast, we'll hear the ways technological changes drive changes in work, politics, and society generally.

34:13 | Apr 5th

The life, times, and work of the Father of Economics: Adam Smith

30:11 | Mar 29th

At the dawn of the First Industrial Revolution, a new academic field emerged: Economics. But centuries of economic thought had to be supplanted first.

22:31 | Mar 22nd

The impact of the first Industrial Revolution on the British cities of Birmingham, Manchester, and London, and the ways the British government had to adapt.

04:32 | Mar 19th

I've launched a Kickstarter. Your support will allow the story of the Industrial Revolutions to be told week in and week out.

36:27 | Mar 15th

The steam engine was the product of centuries of experimentation, economic necessities, strong business acumen, and colorful personalities. This is how it happened.

35:23 | Mar 8th

How the increased production of food, iron, and coal make the first industrial revolution possible.

16:42 | Mar 1st

Dave interviews Kate, a textile weaver using pre-industrial methods to create 21st Century products.

32:05 | Feb 22nd

In the 18th Century, the growing global cotton trade led British inventors to develop new ways of manufacturing, and then change the world forever.

11:13 | Feb 19th

Dave's wife makes her first appearance to ask some questions!

29:18 | Feb 15th

Sir Thomas More's book and life help us chart the path toward our industrialized world.

20:37 | Feb 5th

Why wasn’t it China that conquered the world and started the Industrial Revolutions?

39:16 | Jan 31st

The origins of civilization, which remained relatively unchanged for 10,000 years. That is, until the Industrial Revolutions.

30:22 | Jan 31st

Europe was considered the backwater of civilization. So what led them to create global empires and industrialization?

03:45 | Jan 7th

In this podcast, we’ll be exploring the transformations of the past 250 years on our technologies, our economies, our governments, our families, and our day-to-day existence.