Zero to IPO


Most business podcasts follow a similar format: find a successful CEO and have them tell their story. This is not that show. Zero to IPO gets granular: each episode focuses on one particular stage of a company’s growth cycle with perspectives from so...Show More

30:24 | Apr 16th, 2019

People spend a lifetime getting to an IPO — but what happens after you go public? How does it change your company? How does it change your worldview? And how do you channel all of that change into som...Show More

41:20 | Apr 9th, 2019

This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. How nervous is everyone? Why IPO? Why now? In this episode, we talk with successful entrepreneurs about the highs and lows of taking their companies pub...Show More
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37:21 | Apr 2nd, 2019

You have one chance to make your shot. Every eye in the room is on you, there’s no room for self-doubt, and failure is not an option. As your company grows, you’ll go up against the buzzer and face yo...Show More

37:44 | Mar 26th, 2019

You’re starting to get comfortable — dare we say, content — with your company’s progress. Hate to break it to you: it won’t last. The moment you realize that you’re settled in and basking in your glor...Show More

39:58 | Mar 19th, 2019

You always need another (cash) hit. In this episode of Zero to IPO, we discuss the rush that comes from getting an infusion of $30 million in capital, and the despair that follows when you realize it ...Show More
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