Episode 1: Meet the Quinneys (Season 2)

27:57 | Feb 25th

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In 1989, nine-year-old John Quinney accused his father Melvin of being a satanic cult leader and abusing him in satanic rituals. His father vehemently denied the charges. It was a case that tore their...Show More


phocks recommended:May 13th

I've been glued to this whole season. Amazing to see how easily these things can unfold.

jhawthorne recommended:May 4th

I can't believe how widespread this modern day witch hunt was. They did a really good job showing the scope and personal cost of Satanic Panic

michelle_ebooks recommended:Apr 21st

about the satanic (cult) panic during the 80's. never knew about this before this gimlet show conviction, season 2! love series like this because i get to learn about a cultural period of history through personal narratives. it follows john quinney who, as a 9 year old, accused his father of being ...Show More

nerdyblurbtvApr 21st

@michelle_ebooks There’s another one by Uncover “Satanic Panic” that I just listened that takes place in Canada. Another interesting perspective. Uncover has a few seasons and it’s 1st is incredible. But Satanic Panic is their current one now I believe.

michelle_ebooksApr 21st

@nerdyblurbtv oooh that’s right! i really enjoyed season 1 of uncover too & will give satanic panic a listen too—thanks!!

mmApr 21st

@michelle_ebooks @nerdyblurbtv And there’s a 20k Hz episode about the music! #89 | Satanic Panic! from Twenty Thousand Hertz:!-Twenty-Thousand-Hertz