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The Brand is Female

Eva Hartling

On each episode of The Brand is Female, Eva Hartling interviews inspiring women about their journey to unlocking their own potential. Canadian author Margaret Atwood famously said "we still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woma...Show More

29:03 | Jan 22nd

Melanie Joly was 34 when she ran for mayor in Montreal's municipal elections (she came in close second at the polls) and was 36 when she was elected to the House of Commons and named Minister of Heritage Canada by Justin Trudeau. She is a born leader...Show More

49:29 | Aug 5th

Caroline Torti is an internationally renowned creative director and dance choreographer. Originally from Toronto, Caroline has seen her work take her around the globe. Among other productions, you would have seen her choreography work on ‘So You Thi...Show More

51:18 | Jul 27th

Dr Andrea Gelinas is not a regular dentist, she’s a cool dentist. After an appointment at her clinic, I have in fact been convinced that a visit at the dentist can be enjoyable. Dr Gelinas’ office is on Dundas West in Toronto, and after years practic...Show More

40:31 | Jul 18th

This week we’re traveling to the UK, and our guest is Hayley Menzies, a London-based Womenswear designer whose latest collection of powerful, eccentric knit and silk prints for Summer 2019 can be found at Harrods, Liberty’s and an array of cool conce...Show More

48:18 | Jul 12th

Emily Ramshaw is the Canadian Lead for Bumble, the dating and networking app that is helping reshape gender dynamics and create a safe space for women online. Emily has an impressive track record in publishing, going from an internship at Flare in To...Show More

36:34 | Jul 4th

Noura Sakkijha is CEO and co-founder of Mejuri, a brand which has been disrupting the jewelry industry through its direct to consumer approach and its focus on entry price points — launching the existence of the “demi-fine” category in jewelry. Noura...Show More

50:03 | Jun 27th

Caroline Issa is CEO of London-based TANK Group, and fashion director for TANK Magazine. Also known for being a fixture on the international fashion week circuit (and being a street style photographer’s favourite), the Montreal native describes herse...Show More

45:29 | Jun 20th

Michèle and Véronik Bastien are the two co-founders of PEPPERMINT Cycling Co., a Quebec-based company launched 4 years ago which has disrupted the cycling apparel industry by offering a line that targets women. Today the company sells its designs acr...Show More

1:02:47 | Jun 14th

Meghan Hull Jacquin is a Partner at Howie, Sacks and Henry, a Toronto-based personal injury law firm. Forget what you know about personal injury lawyers because Meghan is a true modern day superwoman, fighting for social justice and going against lar...Show More

49:25 | Jun 7th

Mosha Lundstrom Halbert is a Fashion Editor as well as the co-founder of Therma Kota, an outerwear brand she launched with her sister, Sophie Lundstrom Halbert, with help from their mom, Linda Lundstrom. Based in Miami, Florida, Mosha has lived in Ne...Show More

38:49 | May 30th

On Thursday this week, CAFA, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, will host their sixth annual red-carpet Awards Gala, a unique evening that unites Canadian talent and fashion leaders from all over the world. To highlight CAFA and its impact in the...Show More

1:01:58 | May 29th

On Thursday this week, CAFA, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, will host their sixth annual red-carpet Awards Gala, a unique evening that unite Canadian talent and fashion leaders from all over the world.  To highlight CAFA and its impact in the...Show More

30:55 | May 26th

Camilla Fayed opened Farmacy when she realized there was a shortage of restaurants offering plant-based, locally-grown & organic options in London. Three years later her Notting Hill restaurant is still packed every day; she’s also launched her first...Show More

42:06 | May 24th

This interview is a bonus episode in French. Melanie Blanchette is the co-owner of popular Montreal eateries Bouillon Bilk and Cadet. She and her business partner Francois Nadon opened their first restaurant in 2011 in a neighbourhood that was far f...Show More

1:07:23 | May 17th

Poet and Activist Najwa Zebian and Global Restaurant Entrepreneur Janet Zuccarini came together for an evening of conversation moderated by Eva Hartling, where they spoke of their journey to unlocking their own potential. This podcast is a live rec...Show More

49:05 | May 10th

Tara Downs has found success as a young gallery owner on the highly competitive art scene in New York City and has built amazing credibility for her career and gallery within the industry. She is known for her unbelievable instinct in finding emergin...Show More

58:20 | May 2nd

Julietta Dexter is the Founder and CEO of The Communications Store, London’s leading agency specializing in fashion, luxury, beauty and lifestyle PR Julietta founded TCS 25 years ago, and her clients have included global and UK top brands, among them...Show More

45:30 | Apr 28th

Vicky Milner is the co-founder and President of CAFA, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. CAFA celebrates outstanding achievement and emerging talent in the Canadian fashion industry. Prior to co-founding CAFA, Vicky worked in a number of industr...Show More

40:04 | Apr 23rd

In honour of 420 and Earth Day taking place over this long weekend, we are celebrating with a bonus episode featuring the only woman to be CEO of a publicly-traded cannabis company: Alison Gordon from 48North. Alison considers 48North to be more tha...Show More

31:07 | Apr 20th

Today is April 20, yes, that means 420. Given that Canada has recently legalized cannabis, we are celebrating with highlighting women who are doing amazing things in this growing sector, pun intended. Now, it’s important to note that the cannabis ind...Show More

49:56 | Apr 11th

Shannon Hamblin is a scriptwriter, director and producer based in Los Angeles. Shannon co-wrote what was named the 3rd best X-Files episode of all times (that would be season 11 episode 7!). She has been working closely with Glen Morgan (Executive P...Show More

1:03:32 | Apr 6th

Brooke G., (known as @everydayexpert on Instagram) runs the Heal Hive, a platform for wellness and health advocacy which focuses on evidence-based holistic healing. Brooke is a survivor of Lyme disease; an illness which almost claimed her life and wh...Show More

45:23 | Mar 30th

Stephanie Kersta and Carolyn Plater founded Hoame, a meditation and mindfulness space in Toronto. Both psychotherapists specialize in treating addiction recognized that our modern stress-filled lifestyle is largely to blame for the mental health cris...Show More

52:45 | Mar 21st

Michelle Bilodeau is a Canadian journalist and Green Beauty Expert. She honed her editorial skills working at some of Canada’s leading lifestyle magazines including Flare and Fashion. Today she makes regular appearances on CTV and CBC, and she collab...Show More

52:56 | Mar 16th

Tiffany Sorya is the founder and CEO of Novel Education Group, a homeschooling and tutoring organization based in Los Angeles. Tiffany’s innovative business model has attracted a number of celebrities including Kris Jenner and Dr. Dre thanks to her f...Show More

51:50 | Mar 8th

Our guest this week is Michèle Maheux, outgoing Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Known as the “unsung hero” of what has become one of the global film circuit’s most important festivals,...Show More

41:41 | Mar 1st

Our guest on this 8th episode of The Brand is Female is Cheryl Hickey, Host of Entertainment Tonight Canada where she has been greeting more than half a million viewers every night since 2005. Cheryl has had an amazing track record on Canadian televi...Show More

58:48 | Feb 20th

Our guest on this 7th episode of The Brand is Female is Victoria Radford, Celebrity Makeup Artist and founder of Radford, a beauty and skincare brand. She is also co-owner of Radford Studio, a beauty studio in the heart of Yorkville in Toronto, Canad...Show More

54:09 | Feb 15th

Our guest on this 6th episode of The Brand is Female is Canadian style powerhouse Erica Wark, Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Expert and TV Personality. Erica spoke to Eva Hartling about carving her own path in the highly competitive world of fashion an...Show More

35:04 | Feb 6th

Our guest on this 5th episode of The Brand is Female is fierce female entrepreneur Sophie Boulanger, CEO and founder of BonLook, the Canadian answer to Warby Parker launched in 2010 with a disruptive direct-to-consumer business model for prescription...Show More

37:12 | Jan 29th

Our fourth episode of The Brand is Female features global (and self-made) restaurateur Janet Zuccarini, who started with one restaurant in Toronto and grew her business to include 8 companies today. Janet owns the Gusto 54 Global Restaurant Group a...Show More

30:25 | Jan 27th

Our second episode of the first season featured the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Canada’s Minister of Official Languages, Tourism and La Francophonie. Given the Minister’s responsibilities, we decided to feature a bonus episode which would consist of an ...Show More

37:43 | Jan 16th

In this first episode of The Brand is Female, celebrity photographer and director Caitlin Cronenberg talks about her career, how becoming a mom has shaped who she is today, what keeps her motivated and grounded, and what's next for her after having r...Show More