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The Strategerist

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What happens when you cross the 43rd President, late night sketch comedy, and interesting conversation? The inspiration behind The Strategerist– a podcast series highlighting the American spirit of leadership and compassion.

34:13 | Apr 5th

Foreign authoritarian powers like Russia and China are attacking our democracy. They have interfered in our elections and have used social media as a weapon. We chatted with Laura Rosenberger and Jamie Fly who have done extensive research on why Amer...Show More

32:07 | Aug 16th

Has technology revolutionized our education system and job market for the good? Inspired by season 1 of The Strategerist podcast, The Strategerist After Hours brings together Bush Institute experts to discuss technology’s influential role in our ever...Show More

34:43 | Aug 2nd

Inspired by dialogues during season one of The Strategerist, The Strategerist After Hours brings together George W. Bush Institute experts to discuss hot topics and news of the day. In this episode, we talk with millennials about TV’s Lost, how this ...Show More

21:48 | Jul 5th

We go in-depth on economic policy with Stanford economist Ed Lazear who worked on the 2017 tax reform bill. He explains how changes to the legislation have helped put the country on a faster growth track. Ed also chats about becoming the head of the ...Show More

29:39 | Jun 28th

The Presidential Leadership Scholar program gives rising leaders the edge they need to make a difference in the world. After participating in the program, Byron Sanders became President and CEO of Big Thought– a Dallas educational nonprofit. Byron is...Show More

33:05 | Jun 21st

Ian Bremmer’s story began on a college trip to Russia as a 16-year-old. There, he learned the world is a complicated global community. We chatted with Ian about that life changing trip, foreign affairs, and how puppets can help us understand what is ...Show More

17:21 | Jun 14th

Dr. Robert Gates made history when he was asked to stay on as Secretary of Defense when President Barack Obama was elected into office. He shares details about the transition from serving President George W. Bush to President Obama, what he learned a...Show More

25:07 | Jun 7th

Lyndon B. Johnson suddenly became 36th president at a pivotal moment in American history. President John F. Kennedy had just been assassinated, and the country was embroiled in divisive rhetoric surrounding race relations. We explore LBJ’s leadership...Show More

22:30 | May 31st

CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support Jan Langbein transformed Genesis from a seven-room emergency shelter to a full-service response center for victims of domestic violence. Jan shares how she first learned about Genesis as a volunteer and how ...Show More

26:29 | May 24th

Before Nate Boyer penned a letter to former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick about his decision to sit in protest during the national anthem, Boyer tried acting, joined the military, walked on to the University of Texas’ football team, and became...Show More

21:02 | May 17th

We sat down with President George W. Bush to discuss leadership, humor, and the arts – specifically, his painting and dancing.

16:03 | May 13th

Six-time PGA Tour winner Jimmy Walker gave back to our nation’s veterans last year by playing in the Bush Institute’s Warrior Open at the AT&T Byron Nelson, presented by AT&T. We reminisce about his time playing with our warriors, his passion photogr...Show More

16:01 | May 10th

During Warrior Open week, we sat down on location with Medal of Honor recipient and Team 43 golfer Sal Giunta to talk about his experience at the Warrior Open and the unique healing properties of golf.

23:52 | May 3rd

Marine Richard Casper battles post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. When he returned home from Iraq he got in touch with his creative side as a way to begin healing. Today, he is the co-founder Creativets where helps veterans with their t...Show More

21:48 | May 3rd

Do you ever think about what companies do with the information they collect from you? Former United States Secretary Michael Chertoff answered our questions, including why businesses are interested in your grocery shopping and fitness habits.

19:04 | Apr 26th

Detroit native Dan Gilbert was forced to watch his hometown go through some hard times that left the city a shell of its former self. But as his businesses saw enormous success, Dan became a central figure in the revitalization of downtown Detroit.  ...Show More

18:17 | Apr 26th

The Bush Institute firmly believes that societies around the world are stronger when women have access to the tools and resources they need. Women build stronger communities and drive us toward a more peaceful world. Bank of America's Anne Finucane i...Show More

33:52 | Apr 19th

Award-winning actor and director Gary Sinise tells the story of how he found his calling: To see that those who defend this country and its freedoms are never forgotten. He shares insights into life before the famous Lt. Dan Taylor character from For...Show More

30:17 | Apr 12th

Joshua Bolten served in the White House under President George W. Bush as Chief of Staff from 2006 to 2009. We chat with Josh about his most frightening time in DC, why laughter was key to making the job feel less heavy, and how he decompressed after...Show More

21:44 | Mar 29th

Roya Rahmani is the first female ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States of America. We chatted with her about her childhood prior to Taliban rule, her optimism for Afghanistan's peaceful future, and how she is grateful to the United States fo...Show More

28:45 | Mar 22nd

We chatted with Congressman Will Hurd about immigration, the CIA, and why he decided to Facebook Live a 36 hour road trip with Democrat Beto O’Rourke.   Learn how smart, skills-based immigration reform accelerates economic growth Read stories from i...Show More

33:32 | Mar 15th

As personal aides to President George H.W. Bush, Tim McBride, and Tom Frechette spent long hours with — and came to personally know — our 41st president. They share behind-the-scenes stories from their time as presidential aides, illustrating the man...Show More

29:31 | Mar 8th

In 2004, former Goldman Sachs executive Connie Duckworth founded ARZU Studio Hope, an organization empowering women in Afghanistan by providing them jobs, education, and healthcare. We chatted with Connie about her organization, the women of Afghanis...Show More

39:36 | Mar 1st

Bill Browder is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s number one enemy. In 2005, Russian government officials committed and attempted to pin a $230 million fraud on Bill. His Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky uncovered the fraud, and ended up in jail, whe...Show More

27:51 | Feb 23rd

Former Ambassador to Mexico Antonio Garza joined us to discuss trade and immigration with our southern neighbor. Having grown up along the Texas-Mexico border and the grandson of Mexican immigrants,  Ambassador Garza brought passion and knowledge to ...Show More

25:17 | Feb 15th

We sat down with award-winning journalist Cokie Roberts to chat about the transformation of Washington and journalism – for the better and for the worse. We also cover what studying the early women of American history can teach us, and how she ended ...Show More

30:14 | Feb 6th

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros discusses what makes San Antonio special, how its welcoming culture can be a model for the nation, and why this generation will be better off than the last. He also shares a personal st...Show More

21:40 | Jan 23rd

As a young girl growing up in Afghanistan, Captain Niloofar Rahmani dreamed of finding her wings. Like all women under Taliban rule, she was forbidden from attending school, working, or showing her face in public. But her story is one of courage and ...Show More

24:55 | Jan 23rd

James Farmer is an expert conservationist, interior designer and best-selling author who is saving the world one plant at a time. We chat about robotic bees, the beauty of native plants, and life as a business owner. And he also throws in some garden...Show More

25:23 | Jan 23rd

Host of Fox News Outnumbered Overtime and co-anchor of Outnumbered, Harris Faulkner is a proud military brat. We chat about her father’s time serving in the Army, which included three tours in Vietnam, and how her mom was a pillar of support and stre...Show More

20:50 | Jan 23rd

We sat down with Carly Fiorina, the woman who rose from secretary to CEO of a Fortune 50 company and whose career spans a wide variety of public and private sector roles. She told us about her childhood and how living in Ghana influenced her percepti...Show More

01:56 | Jan 23rd

Inspired by "strategery," a term coined by SNL and embraced by the George W. Bush Administration, The Strategerist podcast series highlights leadership and compassion through thought-provoking discussions.