Sex Education Reviews

Otis is not really a ladies man; but that doesn't mean he doesn't know his stuff. Can he leverage it to become popular with the opposite sex? On the SEX EDUCATION AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, we'll be here for all the awkward moments as Otis becomes a ma...Show More


43:58 | Feb 13th, 2019

It’s prom night at Moordale which means sex, drugs, drama and Secrets revealed that insight a big liberation. Join hosts Yasmine Tanres, Taquaila Jackson, Imani Jackson and Katie Thompson as they brea...Show More

36:40 | Feb 6th, 2019

Join hosts Imani Jackson, Katie Thompson, and Taquaila Jackson as we dive in to Jackson and Mauve’s relationship, Gene did what with the plumber?! Eric faces some real live troubles when Otis ditches ...Show More
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41:34 | Jan 30th, 2019

Join hosts Yasmine Tanres, Taquaila Jackson, Katie Thompson, and Imani Jackson as they talked about Jean overstepping boundaries with Otis, Otis experiencing issues with self satisfaction and Maeve an...Show More

38:41 | Jan 23rd, 2019

Everything goes “balls up” for hosts Yasmine Tanres, Katie Thompson and Imani Jackson as they breakdown Otis’ breakthrough as an underground sex therapist at his school. Issues of masturbation, erecti...Show More