Reframing History: Bananas

58:20 | Aug 27th, 2020

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The banana is a staple of the American diet and has been for generations. But how did this exotic tropical fruit become so commonplace? How one Brooklyn-born entrepreneur ruthlessly created the modern...Show More


mm recommended:Nov 23rd, 2020

Wow, the reason why bananas are so cheap to this day is because of its history of colonialism and state-sanctioned slavery helped one entrepreneurial man create a business model that survived. Such a shocking story about the birth of the banana republic.

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mo-toNov 28th, 2020

@mm I took a food, environment and people course in first year and this really is the case! Bananas also have lots of pesticides and (no surprise) big companies like Del Monte and others have exploited workers as well 🥴

mmNov 28th, 2020

@mo-to I’ve been under a rock and have heard only about the banana bug issue, but this episode was eye opening for sure.

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