The Litter Myth

33:01 | Sep 5th, 2019

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How one organization changed the American public's relationship with waste and who is ultimately responsible for it....Show More


dandersonphoto recommended:Jan 12th, 2020

Absolutely amazing podcast

cesarm recommended:Sep 10th, 2019

Fantastic episode. It really reframes the notion of littering. I think this is the greatest conspiracy/ scam that I was not aware of.

gmlSep 17th, 2019

You have the best taste in podcasts! I love all your recommendations.

cesarmSep 18th, 2019

@gml Thank you. I’m blushing.

asa94Oct 2nd, 2019

@cesarm watch this DW documentary. It references what was discussed in this podcast and focuses on coca cola, interview with coca cola VP was too cringy it was funny!

mmJan 17th, 2020

@cesarm Oh man, you’re exactly right by framing it as a “conspiracy/scam”.

molinos recommended:Sep 16th, 2019

¿Como lleganos a sentirnos culpables de la basura del planeta? ¿Por qué la culpa parece ser del consumidor y no del productor? Todo está en las campañas de marketing que esas mismas compañias productoras pusieron en marcha en los años 50.

mm recommended:Jan 17th, 2020

This was so good. I’m so mad that how we learned to throw plastic in the garbage and not is due to corporate interests all around. All of our plastic consumption and behaviours were due to education campaigns. And the “crying Indian man”! Oh my lord!

mmJan 17th, 2020

@molinos Loved this. Thanks for the recommendation!

molinosJan 17th, 2020

@mm search for the video clip of the Crying Indian man. It is even worse when you see it.

mmJan 17th, 2020

@molinos I. am. screaming. The molasses teardrop is....🤦🏻‍♀️

molinosJan 17th, 2020

@mm jajajaja. Sorry! You´ll never forget that clip.

hummingbird95Mar 6th, 2020

@mm 😱 Adding to my list now