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Start With This

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A show designed to get you thinking about, talking about, and, most importantly, making art. Normally, creators of Welcome to Night Vale Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink are the ones turning their ideas into stories. But for this podcast, it’s you who ...Show More


35:43 | May 15th

How strong is your satire? CONSUME: Two podcasts: "A Very Fatal Murder" and "This Sounds Serious." Both podcasts are a riff on the true crime podcast format. Both use satire. Listen to the first epis...Show More

30:25 | May 1st

Writing what's absurd. CONSUME: Clip from You, the Living. CREATE: Write a 200 word description of your home. Make it realistic and true. Now edit that pi...Show More
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29:38 | Apr 17th

When do you use stage directions, and how descriptive do you get? CONSUME: "How to use stage directions" by Sam Graber CREATE: Write a ...Show More

27:39 | Apr 3rd

Failure is scary but it can also be interesting and even fruitful. (like when Jeffrey posts the wrong episode file to the podcast feed. here’s the correct one!) Consume: “How to Speak Poetry” by Leon...Show More

30:53 | Mar 20th

Sometimes our writing flow doesn’t flow. What’s causing this and how do we get it moving again? Consume: Magnus Archives podcast Create: Pick a job. Write a 200-400 word monologue for someone in tha...Show More
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