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Sushi did not originate in Japan: how raw fish and rice became a world favourite

21:17 | Jun 27th, 2019

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It turns out that early sushi was not about rice. And it originated from the Mekong, not Japan.


mm recommended:Sep 29th, 2019

This was a fun episode about sushi. Learned so many interesting things about one of my favourite dishes. For example, did you know that sushi didn't originate from Japan? 🍣

susanle recommended:Sep 29th, 2019

Fascinating to hear the evolution of sushi and to learn about why the California roll looks so different.

mmSep 29th, 2019

@serena @yskevinhuang @bychrischeung @ellouis This episode about how sushi did not originate from Japan via SCMP!

mmSep 29th, 2019

Thanks @susanle for echo-ing this. Loved it! <3