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In today’s world context is clarity. "Skimm This" breaks down the most important stories of the day and explains why they matter.  All in 10 minutes. Every Monday through Friday. All at 5PM.

00:31 | Mar 8th, 2019

A daily news podcast from theSkimm that’s breaking down the most complex stories of the day and connecting the dots on why it's important. The news is constantly changing. And in today's world, contex...Show More

aliceko recommended:

I am a huge fan of TheSkimm - I CAN’T wait until this podcast launches!

11:45 | Mar 4th, 2019

Two guys are fighting over Venezuela. One’s got the military behind him. The other has … pretty much everyone else on his side. In other fights over presidential power, US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is bre...Show More

aliceko recommended:

It's the first episode of Skimm This!!!!!!

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12:54 | Sep 11th, 2019

California lawmakers are making moves to reform how businesses treat their gig economy workers. Election season is underway, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a tough reelection campaign. Lu...Show More

aliceko recommended:

I don't also listen to Skimm This, but today's episode was a must-listen due to 9/11 anniversary (holy moly most kids in school weren't even...Show More

12:33 | Jul 24th, 2019

Today, Democrats and Republicans told former special counsel Robert Mueller: ‘have a seat - actually, have two.’ Mueller said he was done talking about his report -- but lawmakers have more questions....Show More

sarah recommended:

I’ve been really enjoying this podcast during my quick morning runs. Bite sized news roundups and a great compliment to the newsletter!

12:14 | Jan 14th

One month after a deadly shooting in Florida, the Justice Department is still trying to figure out what happened. But there’s one thing standing in the way of investigators: Apple. We’ll explain why t...Show More
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