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In today’s world context is clarity. "Skimm This" breaks down the most important stories of the day and explains why they matter.  All in 10 minutes. Every Monday through Friday. All at 5PM.
A Tale of Two Presidents: Venezuela’s Political Crisis

11:45 | Mar 4th

Two guys are fighting over Venezuela. One’s got the military behind him. The other has … pretty much everyone else on his side. In other fights over presidential power, US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is breaking with his party. And voting to block Presiden...Show More
Introducing: Skimm This

00:31 | Mar 8th

A daily news podcast from theSkimm that’s breaking down the most complex stories of the day and connecting the dots on why it's important. The news is constantly changing. And in today's world, context is clarity. Skimm This is here to help.
Digging deeper: Mueller Testifies, Facebook Settlement, and Self-Care Day

12:33 | Jul 24th

Today, Democrats and Republicans told former special counsel Robert Mueller: ‘have a seat - actually, have two.’ Mueller said he was done talking about his report -- but lawmakers have more questions. We’ll tell you why, and what happened during toda...Show More
Done Talking: North Korea, Greenland, and Superdeep Diamonds

11:03 | Aug 16th

Today North Korea called off peace talks with South Korea and launched its sixth missile test in a month. We’ll examine when and why diplomatic talks turned sour. Then: President Trump has reportedly been floating his most ambitious real estate purch...Show More
Keeping Track: Lead in the Water, Israel Visit Ban, and Greta Thunberg

13:00 | Aug 15th

Thousands of residents in Newark, NJ are grappling with a growing crisis over lead in drinking water. Officials are handing out bottled water instead - and trying to figure out how to fix the pipes. We’ll discuss why lead in drinking water has been a...Show More
Huddled Masses: Green Cards, Abuse Victims, and Berlin Bees

14:30 | Aug 14th

The Trump administration is changing immigration rules to make it more difficult for welfare recipients to obtain green cards. We’ll break down the new rules and the arguments being used to defend them. Then: New York is opening a one-year window for...Show More
Grounded: Hong Kong Protests, Cracker Plants, and Chlamydia Vaccine

12:47 | Aug 13th

Protesters and riot police clashed at Hong Kong’s International Airport today in ongoing demonstrations against the government. We’ll examine the background of the protests, and how the world is responding. Then: President Trump visited a cracker pla...Show More
Burning Questions: Jeffrey Epstein, Russian Missiles, Endangered Species

12:29 | Aug 12th

Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide has left his accusers and the public demanding answers about why he was removed from suicide watch. We’ll explain why the federal facility that held him – and the Justice Department – are under scrutiny. Meanwhile, ...Show More
SPECIAL EPISODE: A Deep Dive Into Deepfakes

12:46 | Aug 9th

Imagine a computer downloading footage or photos of you from the internet and using them to create a video of you saying something you’ve never said. Sounds more than a little sinister, right? It might not be a sci-fi thing of the future anymore, tha...Show More
Lay Of The Land: Climate Report, Immigration Raids, Iowa State Fair

11:28 | Aug 8th

The UN’s latest climate change report says the way we are using land is seriously damaging the planet. We dive into the main findings, what problems we are causing, and what we really need to change. Then, ICE agents arrested some 680 workers at food...Show More
Pressure Points: Venezuela Sanctions, Gun Laws, and "Impeachment"

12:34 | Aug 7th

The Trump admin still has issues with Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro -- and it’s using new sanctions to try to squeeze him out of office. Venezuela calls it “economic terrorism.” We’ll look at whether these sanctions could have their intended e...Show More
Language Matters: Mass Shootings, China Currency, and Toni Morrison

11:42 | Aug 6th

We’re still learning more about the two mass shootings that took place in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. Lawmakers are placing blame for these acts of violence on a bunch of things: from violent video games, to mental illness, to anti-immigrant hat...Show More
No More Words: Mass Shootings in US, Tensions in Kashmir, and Hong Kong Protests

12:18 | Aug 5th

This weekend in the US, there were two deadly mass shootings: one in Texas, and one in Ohio. They were less than 13 hours apart, and at least 31 people were killed. From increasing background checks, to shutting down websites hosting white supremacis...Show More
Dark and Stormy: Nuclear Treaty, Trade, and Happy Hour

12:08 | Aug 2nd

The US officially pulled out of a historic Cold War arms control deal today. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty helped the US and Soviet Union reduce their nuclear stockpiles. But these days, President Trump wants to spend more on new weapo...Show More
Burden of Proof: Criminal Justice Reform, A$AP Rocky, and Robocalls

11:54 | Aug 1st

Onstage at last night’s democratic debate, candidates went after each other on their criminal justice records. Things got heated -- and personal. We’ll explain the history here. Meanwhile, rapper A$AP Rocky took the stand in Sweden today. He’s accuse...Show More
Making The Most Of It: Medicare For All, Interest Rates, and Grasshoppers

12:34 | Jul 31st

Medicare for All was all the rage at last night’s democratic debate. And not necessarily in a good way. We’ll tell you why Dems are divided over it, and what to expect for the second part of the debate tonight. Meanwhile: today, the Fed cut interest ...Show More
Keeping Watch: Dems Debate, Capital One Data Breach, and Robot Contacts

11:24 | Jul 30th

Live from Detroit, it’s round two of the 2020 democratic primary debates. You know the drill: ten candidates tonight, and ten more tomorrow. But the dynamics have shifted since round one. We’ll tell you what to keep an eye on. Meanwhile, a woman has ...Show More
Next Level: Trump vs. Cities, John Ratcliffe and Greta Thunberg

11:14 | Jul 29th

This weekend President Trump unleashed a Twitter tirade against the city of Baltimore and Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings. Trump said Charm City is “infested with rodents,” and “dangerous,” reigniting the ‘good country, bad cities’ stereotype. W...Show More
Tour de Force: Russia, OITNB and Cycling

11:33 | Jul 26th

 Russia targeted U.S voting systems. Right, we’ve heard that before. From Robert Mueller, for example. He really wanted to talk about Russian interference during his testimony on Capitol Hill this week. But yesterday a new report dropped details abou...Show More
Not Messing Around: North Korea, The Death Penalty, Heatwave

11:45 | Jul 25th

North Korea is playing with fire – literally. Just a couple weeks after President Trump visited Kim Jong Un in North Korea and agreed to resume denuclearization talks, North Korea tested two missiles this morning. Back in the US, Attorney General Bil...Show More
Changes: UK Prime Minister, SNAP Benefits, and Wrestling

12:21 | Jul 23rd

The UK has a new prime minister. Between dealing with Brexit and tensions with Iran, Boris Johnson has a long ‘to do’ list to tackle. And he doesn’t even have a full cabinet yet. We’ll explain what lies ahead for Johnson and the UK. Meanwhile, a prop...Show More
On The Rise: Tensions with Iran, Puerto Rico Protests and India's Moon Mission

10:40 | Jul 22nd

Today, Iranian officials announced that they’ve broken up a CIA spy ring and that they’ve arrested 17 suspected spies. Iran’s claimed this kind of thing before -- and President Trump says reports of arrests aren’t true. But there’s a history here tha...Show More

13:27 | Jul 19th

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the “giant leap for mankind.” You may have heard of it. On today’s episode, we break down the Apollo 11 mission: what it took to prepare for the mission, and what actually happened over the course of the eight-day-...Show More
Alienated: US and Turkey, FaceApp, and Area 51

13:00 | Jul 18th

Turkey just ordered a new missile defense system from Russia. And now the US is telling Turkey: no F-35 fighter jets for you. Basically, the US is worried selling Turkey the F-35s means giving Russia access to top secret tech. We’ll tell you why that...Show More
On the Outs: Libra in Congress, Planned Parenthood, and Netflix

13:29 | Jul 17th

Today, the head of Facebook’s global cryptocurrency project got a bipartisan grilling from the House Financial Services Committee. Lawmakers have been raising concerns about the crypto, called ‘Libra’: over who will regulate it, how Facebook will han...Show More
Transfer of Power: Asylum Rule, Ursula von der Leyen and Emmy Nominees

13:17 | Jul 16th

The Trump administration has issued a new rule that’ll mean most migrants heading to the US-Mexico border likely won’t be eligible for asylum. The admin says asylum seekers will have to ask other countries first. And those other countries are saying:...Show More
Doubling Down: Trump Tweets, Puerto Rico, and Prime Day Protests

13:00 | Jul 15th

Over the past few days, President Trump’s sent out a series of tweets about a group of “‘Progressive’ Democrat Congresswomen.” He suggested they should “go back” to the countries they came from. Today, he doubled down. We’ll tell you who President Tr...Show More
Incoming: Citizenship Data, ICE raids, and Tropical Storm Barry

11:59 | Jul 12th

President Donald Trump has dropped the idea of adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census. But he says he has a back-up plan to get the data anyway. Which could affect elections across the country. We’ll explain. Meanwhile, Republicans and Dems...Show More
Don’t @ Me: Social Media Summit, Student Loans, and World Population

13:27 | Jul 11th

Today, the White House hosted a social media summit. None of the big players (think: Facebook, Twitter) were reportedly on the guest list. President Donald Trump and his guests have claimed those companies have an anti-conservative bias. We’ll explai...Show More
Free Falling: Interest Rates, UK Ambassador’s Resignation, and Ticker Tape

11:45 | Jul 10th

Today, the Federal Reserve’s top guy Jerome Powell spoke. He doesn’t do that much. But when he does - it’s important. Especially when it comes to interest rates. We’ll tell you what you – and your wallet – need to know. Meanwhile, there is drama goin...Show More
Picture This: ID Photos, Drug Prices, and Emojis

12:53 | Jul 9th

In a new study, researchers at Georgetown University say FBI and ICE agents are giving millions of people ID checks. Their focus: your photo. Congress never gave the OK on this. And now lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are saying ‘cut it out.’ ...Show More
The Big One: Jeffrey Epstein, The Census, and the World Cup

13:20 | Jul 8th

Jeffrey Epstein, a multimillionaire money manager, was in a New York federal court today to face sex trafficking charges. The indictment comes a decade after he served a light sentence in a Florida plea deal related to similar charges. Meanwhile down...Show More
Upping the Ante: Campaign Fundraising, Immigration, and Hot Dogs

12:24 | Jul 3rd

‘Tis the season where all the 2020 candidates are letting us know what their campaign bank accounts look like. Some have a lot to brag about. But it isn’t all about the amount of cash – it’s also about who’s ponying up. We’ll break it down. Meanwhile...Show More
Calls For Action: Border Facilities, Hong Kong, and Women’s World Cup

12:11 | Jul 2nd

About a dozen lawmakers took a field trip to Texas yesterday. To visit two border facilities where migrants are being held. And some lawmakers did not like what they saw. Now there are protests being held around the country to close some migrant dete...Show More
Visiting Hours: Trump in North Korea, OPEC, and Cori Gauff at Wimbledon

12:15 | Jul 1st

This weekend, President Trump became the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea. This was Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s first meeting since February, when a summit about nuclear weapons and sanctions fell apart. But now t...Show More
The Heat Is On: Biden and Harris, G20, and the World Cup in Europe

11:48 | Jun 28th

Senator Kamala Harris is getting a lot of attention today after last night’s democratic primary debate. She called out former VP Joe Biden over his record on race. And: busing. There’s a lot of history here -- and for Harris, it’s personal. We’ll bre...Show More
Take Two: SCOTUS, Dems Debate 2.0, and Rapping G20 Grannies

12:25 | Jun 27th

Today, the Supremes dropped the mic on two big issues: partisan gerrymandering and a citizenship question on the census. These rulings really came down to the wire. But they weren’t a simple “yea” or “nay.” We’ll break down what they mean. Meanwhile,...Show More
Center Stage: 2020 Debates, Mueller’s Return, and Moon Rocks

13:19 | Jun 26th

The first 2020 Democratic primary debate begins tonight in Miami. But don’t forget: this is a two-night event. Featuring a total of 20 candidates. Some you may have already heard of. Others could be trying to make a good first impression. We’ll tell ...Show More
It’s Personal: Sanctions, E. Jean Carroll, and Climate Change

12:17 | Jun 25th

The Trump administration is sanctioning top Iranian officials, including Iran’s Supreme Leader. The US has been sanctioning Iran for a while already, to get them to change course on nukes – but do sanctions ever actually work? We’ll get into it. Mean...Show More
No Quick Fix: Immigration, Middle East Peace, and Women’s Soccer

11:38 | Jun 24th

Immigration and Customs Enforcement was scheduled to target 2,000 families in raids across the country this weekend. But with hours to spare before the raids: President Trump called them off. For now. This is all happening amid renewed focus on condi...Show More
Take It Back: US and Iran, Police on Social Media, and Harry Potter

12:15 | Jun 21st

President Trump says he approved military strikes on Iran planned for last night – but that he called them off with ten minutes to spare. This is the latest move in the rocky relationship between the US and Iran, and it has the world’s attention. We’...Show More
Meet Me In The Middle: China and NK, UK Prime Minister, and Phone Bone

12:18 | Jun 20th

Today, China’s President Xi Jinping and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un kicked off a two-day summit with the red-carpet treatment. This is the first time in almost 15 years that a Chinese leader has visited North Korea. And some are saying this is C...Show More
Owning Up: Reparations, Jamal Khashoggi, and Joy Harjo

12:23 | Jun 19th

Hundreds of people showed up to a House subcommittee hearing today on Capitol Hill. The topic? A bill that would create a commission to study slavery and whether reparations for African Americans are in order. We’ll explain the conversation happening...Show More
Ready to Launch: Libra, Trump’s 2020 Campaign, and Boaty McBoatface

13:02 | Jun 18th

It’s only June, but Facebook’s ready for Libra season. The social media giant is about to roll out a new global cryptocurrency called Libra. We’ll explain why Facebook thinks you should turn your $ into ≋. Meanwhile, President Trump will officially a...Show More
Decisions, Decisions: Iran Nuclear Deal, SCOTUS, and Gloria Vanderbilt

12:01 | Jun 17th

The Iran Nuclear Deal is on the rocks. This is the deal Iran, the US and a bunch of major EU and other powers signed back in 2015 to prevent Iran from making a nuclear weapon. Now, Iran’s says it’s about to break one of the promises it made in that d...Show More
History Rhymes: the US and Iran, Flint, and Father’s Day

12:10 | Jun 14th

There were explosions on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman this week. The US is pointing the finger at Iran, who’s saying ‘not us.’ These two countries have been going at it for a while – but the implications of this latest fight are global. We’ll ...Show More
Fake It Till You Make It: Russia Probe Inquiry, ‘Deepfakes’, and Dads

12:36 | Jun 13th

Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped the mic a couple weeks ago, but Washington still has some unfinished business with the Russia investigation. The Attorney General has launched an investigation into the original investigation. Pre-Mueller. We’ll...Show More
Waving Flags: Hong Kong Protests, Executive Privilege, and Pulse

12:45 | Jun 12th

There were massive protests in Hong Kong today over a bill that would allow fugitives to be extradited to mainland China. Hong Kong is technically a semi-autonomous part of China. And protesters say this bill is really about China exerting more contr...Show More
Game Time: ‘Safe Third Country’, Iowa, and Kickoff

12:49 | Jun 11th

The US and Mexico struck a deal on immigration before President Trump could impose tariffs on all Mexican imports. But now, Trump is saying ‘more to come.’ That could have to do with Mexico being named a ‘safe third country’ – something Mexico doesn’...Show More
Everything's Goin' My Way: Mueller Report, Health Care, and Ali Stroker

12:23 | Jun 10th

This week, lawmakers in Congress are nose-deep in a page-turner: the Mueller Report. Mueller’s not talking … but Dems are hearing from some old school political junkies - like President Nixon’s former White House counsel John Dean - and trying to for...Show More
Flip it and Reverse it: Emissions Rules, Robocallers, and the Women’s World Cup

11:43 | Jun 7th

Major automakers wrote a letter to two of their pen pals: President Trump and CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. They’re asking them to, pretty please, compromise on emissions standards. Before it’s too late. We’ll tell you why the auto industry wants to pump the...Show More
Not Forgotten: D-Day and Today, Hyde Amendment, and Long Weekend Forever

12:51 | Jun 6th

World leaders gathered today to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and remember those who fought and those who lost their lives. But the alliances in place since D-Day between the US and Europe are now being tested. We’ll explain how we got here. Me...Show More
Work, Work, Work: Arms Sales, Mexican Tariffs, and a Mass Wedding

12:00 | Jun 5th

The Trump administration wants to sell $8 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and some other Middle East countries. But many US lawmakers are saying: ‘bad idea.’ We’ll explain why they don’t want this sale to go through, and how they plan to sto...Show More
Old Wounds: Tiananmen Square, Cuba, and High Heels

12:24 | Jun 4th

It’s been 30 years since Beijing's Tiananmen Square massacre, in which the Chinese government turned the military on its own people. China doesn’t want to talk about it – but some survivors do. And the US has a lot to say. We’ll explain the complex d...Show More
Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do: Big Tech, Trump’s UK Visit, and T-Swift

11:35 | Jun 3rd

Two major government agencies reportedly have their eyes on Google and Amazon. Because they’ve got antitrust issues. We’ll explain why. Meanwhile, President Trump and the First Lady are across the pond visiting the Royals and UK politicians - but Bri...Show More
Pressure’s On: Mexico Tariffs, Hollywood Boycotts, and Drake

12:43 | May 31st

President Trump is threatening Mexico with tariffs. Because of immigration. While the US, Mexico and Canada are trying to seal the deal on a new trade agreement. We’ll explain what it all means. Meanwhile, some Hollywood studios are threatening to bo...Show More
Now You See Me: Israel’s Parliament, Women Suing the FBI, and Spelling

12:41 | May 30th

Israel’s parliament has dissolved. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t get enough support to form a government, and now the country has to vote all over again.This has never happened before in Israel’s history -- we’ll explain what might be co...Show More
Is This Thing On?: Mueller Speaks, Abortion in Missouri, and Graduation Trees

12:24 | May 29th

Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned off his “do not disturb” mode today to give a brief statement. The message: his Russia investigation is officially over and he’s clocking out. He said some words about whether President Trump committed a crime. A...Show More
Extreme Measures: Opioid Crisis, Mount Everest, and Burnout

12:14 | May 28th

Oklahoma is taking the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to court today. This is the first state trial connected to the opioid crisis ... which has been determined a public health emergency. We’re going to break down how this got started and h...Show More
Do It Yourself: Theresa May, Julian Assange, and $20

13:23 | May 24th

British Prime Minister Theresa May is saying “I’m out.” She is only the second woman to hold the position and is leaving after three years – one of the shortest terms for a prime minister in modern times. Her exit - was spurred by Brexit. We’ll expla...Show More
Taking Action: McDonald’s Strikes, HUD and Transgender Rights, and Office Sweaters

11:58 | May 23rd

Some McDonald’s workers were on strike today … while the company held its annual shareholder meeting. Employees are asking for better pay, more say, union rights - oh and the higher ups addressing recent sexual harassment claims. We’ll tell you more ...Show More
Testing Democracy: EU Parliamentary Elections, DC Drama, and Mars 2020

12:47 | May 22nd

Europeans head to the polls starting tomorrow for the European Parliamentary elections. This is the second-biggest election in the world, and has been a bit of a snoozer in the past. But this year people are watching very closely because of a surge o...Show More
On The Books: Trump’s Finances, CBD, and 'Milkshaking'

12:19 | May 21st

Three House committees want to dive into President Trump’s business financials. Specifically, they want the deets from his accounting firm, Capital One, and Deutsche Bank. Trump and his three oldest children have sued to stop that from happening. We’...Show More
Battle Lines: Foreign Fighters, Google, and ‘Game of Thrones’

11:46 | May 20th

John Walker Lindh, a US citizen convicted of helping the Taliban, will be released from federal prison this week. And some lawmakers in Congress says they’re worried Lindh could return to his extremist beliefs. We’ll explain how the US and other coun...Show More
Numbers Game: Immigration Issues, Indian Elections, and Time Off For Loan Debt

13:08 | May 17th

Yesterday, President Trump announced a new proposal to overhaul the US immigration system - specifically shifting the priorities in the green card system and the asylum program, and strengthening border security. It’s the latest in a series of immigr...Show More
The Fine Print: Abortion Laws and Personhood, SAT Adversity Score, Pricey Coffee

12:20 | May 16th

Missouri’s the latest in a line of states taking on a hot-button issue: abortion. State lawmakers across the country are passing bills restricting it -- and hoping the Supreme Court will give the OK. We’ll explain what role trying to define when a fe...Show More
Looking For Fixes: Falling Birth Rates, FAA and Boeing, Office Distractions

13:02 | May 15th

There’s a baby bust in the US: A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that last year’s birth rate was down 2 percent from 2017 - and was the lowest in 32 years. We’ll explain why fewer babies could be a problem for the...Show More
I Spy: Facial Recognition, Russia Investigation, WhatsApp

12:56 | May 14th

Facial recognition technology is creeping into all aspects of life, and San Francisco could be the first city in the US to block it. Other cities are thinking of following suit -- we’ll explain why. Attorney General William Barr wants to know how the...Show More
Que Sera, Sera: US and Iran, Julian Assange, Doris Day

12:50 | May 13th

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo crashed a meeting of EU foreign ministers today ... and he had Iran on the brain. Tensions between the US and Iran have been heating up for weeks, and now Pompeo is asking US allies: ‘are you with me?’ Meanwhile, Swe...Show More
Going the Distance: US-China Trade Talks, Space Race 2.0, Mother’s Day

13:11 | May 10th

Today, trade talks between the US and China left with them saying ‘no deal.’ Right after the US raised tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent. These two powers have spent months at the negotiating table to come up with a long-...Show More
Tariffs and Tithing: Uber’s IPO, Catholic Church, Trade Talks with China

12:56 | May 9th

Uber’s heading to Wall Street tomorrow to make its debut on the stock exchange. But the ride-sharing company has seen a lot of backlash lately. Meanwhile, Pope Francis issued a new law that requires officials in the Catholic Church to report sex abus...Show More
Preventative Measures: Maternal Health, Executive Privilege, Bowerbird Project

13:01 | May 8th

There’s a mom crisis in the US. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that about 700 women die every year in the US during pregnancy or after childbirth. Those numbers are up about 75% from the year 2000, worse than o...Show More
Tensions Rising: Iran, Contempt of Congress, Magic Mushrooms

12:56 | May 7th

The Trump admin has announced they’re sending a carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Persian Gulf - saying Iran has threatened US troops in the Middle East. It’s been nearly a year since the US pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty -- ...Show More
One In A Million: Biodiversity In Danger, Chinese Tariffs, and the Royal Baby

12:58 | May 6th

A UN report is warning that one species - us - is threatening a million other species with extinction. Today, we’ll explain why biodiversity matters for humanity and how we can mitigate the damage. Meanwhile: the US and China were supposed to be clos...Show More
Reining It In: Sanctuary Cities, Spread of HIV, Kentucky Derby Horses

11:30 | May 3rd

Florida’s governor is set to sign a bill telling counties and towns they can’t offer sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. We’ll explain ‘sanctuary cities’ -- and how Florida’s soon-to-be law lines up with the rest of the US. Meanwhile: there’s a new...Show More
Putting Up A Fight: Venezuela, Assange Extradition, and Holocaust Remembrance Day

12:59 | May 2nd

 Venezuela still doesn’t know who’s in charge. We’ll talk about why the US was predicting a peaceful transition of power - and why now they’re keeping all the cards on the table. Then: the US wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to cross the pond. ...Show More
Star Players: AG Bill Barr, Caster Semenya, and Lucy Liu

12:08 | May 1st

Democrats on Capitol Hill had a lot of questions about the attorney general’s pen pal - Robert Mueller. South African elite runner Caster Semenya has been fighting against allegations that she has an unfair advantage because of her high testosterone ...Show More
Update Available: Infrastructure, Venezuelan Protests, and Burkinis

12:10 | Apr 30th

Infrastructure across the US needs a reboot. President Trump met with top Democrats to try to figure out how to make – and pay for – the fixes. In Venezuela, two people are still calling themselves prez. The US says it wants a “peaceful transition” -...Show More
Paying For It?: US Ransom Policies, Boeing, and Fake Meat

11:12 | Apr 29th

The White House confirmed that North Korea sent them a bill for American prisoner Otto Warmbier – to the tune of $2 million. But the White House says: they didn't actually pay it. Why hostage ransoms are so controversial. Meanwhile, Boeing execs fina...Show More
Trade Ya: China’s Belt And Road Initiative, Gun Laws, Seaweed Bottles

12:19 | Apr 26th

Top officials from around the world met in China today to hear more about their Belt and Road Initiative — a reboot of the Silk Road to improve global trade routes. Here in the US: President Trump was also talking to the NRA about international trade...Show More
I’m Heeeere: Joe Biden, Kim Jong-un, The Kids

13:17 | Apr 25th

Former VP Joe Biden is (finally) in. He announced today he’s running for president in 2020 - as the 20th candidate to join the race. So who – and what – is he up against? In Russia, NK leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down ...Show More
Accounting, Please: Boy Scouts, Big Pharma, Avengers

11:41 | Apr 24th

Thousands of Boy Scouts leaders and volunteers have been accused of sexually abusing children - in cases that go back decades. Lawyers are now just scrambling to rep survivors in lawsuits. What’s changed: states have been expanding statute of limitat...Show More
Will They or Won’t They: Impeachment and Citizenship on the Census

11:42 | Apr 23rd

Democrats and progressives have been talking about whether to impeach President Trump since he was elected. And even though the Mueller Report didn’t say his admin colluded with Russia, that debate hasn’t gone away. We’ll tell you why some top Dems a...Show More
Shut It Down: Social Media in Sri Lanka, Border Vigilantes, Plastic Straws

11:28 | Apr 22nd

After massive terror attacks in Sri Lanka killed nearly 300 people on Sunday, the gov there has blocked Facebook and other social media sites. Their goal: to prevent more sectarian violence. But does going dark on social media actually work? Meanwhil...Show More
Talking About Troubles: Violence in Northern Ireland, 4/20, and Dancing Bans

11:40 | Apr 19th

A young journalist was killed last night during a riot in Northern Ireland. Her death is highlighting tensions along the Irish border. And it comes on the anniversary of a decades-old agreement that’s now at risk. Because Brexit. Then - tomorrow is 4...Show More
Reports and Rapport: Mueller, US & NK, Facebook

12:08 | Apr 18th

The Mueller report is here. It’s long. It’s complicated. And some of it’s still secret. We’ve Skimm’d what we know so far, and we’ll tell you what to expect next. Meanwhile, North Korea is getting all fired up again. But they’re telling Trump - it’s ...Show More
Alarm Bells: Asylum Seekers, Red Flag Laws, TSA Hair Pat-Downs

11:10 | Apr 17th

The Justice Department is changing policies for asylum seekers waiting for immigration hearings. We’ll explain why fleeing persecution in one country...could mean being detained in another. In Colorado, a massive manhunt for a woman “infatuated” with...Show More
Outbreaks and Breakouts: Measles, GOP Contenders, Climate Change Arrests

12:44 | Apr 16th

The measles virus is still spreading, and tight-knit communities are more vulnerable than others. We’ll explain why -- and tell you what’s being done to help. Also: Trump’s not the only GOP candidate in the 2020 race anymore. We’ll tell you why prima...Show More
Notre Dame Fire, Campaign Cash, and FUCT

12:51 | Apr 15th

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames today -- we’ll tell you what we know so far. In the US: 2020 presidential candidates are showing us their donation receipts. We’ll explain why the dollar signs are not all that matters. Also on toda...Show More
Levelling the Playing Field: Reparations, 5G, Game of Thrones

12:43 | Apr 12th

Georgetown students want to help make amends for history. They voted to add a little extra to their tuition to pay reparations to the descendants of Georgetown’s former slaves. President Trump is also trying to help people who have been underserved. ...Show More
"So Long, Farewell: Julian Assange, Sudan’s President, and Nipsey Hussle"

12:37 | Apr 11th

There were a couple of big arrests today in London and Sudan. And both men could be leaving on a jet plane to face charges. The U.S. wants Wikileaks founder Julian Assange stateside to face a conspiracy charge. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has a...Show More
In the Pipeline: Oil, Gas, and Taxes

12:01 | Apr 10th

President Trump flew to Texas today to visit the heart of the oil and gas industry, and he signed two controversial executive orders while he was there. They’re meant to make it easier to build oil and gas pipelines - which some states have not been ...Show More
The Middle Men: Drug Prices and the (No Spoilers) Mueller Report

12:52 | Apr 9th

Crazy high drug prices have gotten bipartisan attention lately. Back in February, drug companies pointed fingers at Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Today, five PBM execs were on Capitol Hill and pointed the finger back. Attorney General William Barr was o...Show More
In or Out: The Israeli Elections and the West Bank, Cabinet Shakeups and the Border and NCAA Finals

13:10 | Apr 8th

Israel is getting ready to head to the polls, and Prime Minister Netanyahu is giving voters one more thing to think about: the West Bank. The region at the center of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. NBD. In the US, more shake-ups in the Trump Admini...Show More
It’s Complicated: Saudis and the US, Ecuador and Julian Assange, Cats

13:01 | Apr 5th

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and the US are heating up. Congress voted to end US military support for the kingdom’s proxy war in Yemen after the Saudi-American journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated last year. Putting President Trump in an awkw...Show More
Why Dems Are So Obsessed with President Trump’s Tax Returns

13:04 | Apr 4th

President Trump has gotten a lot of heat for keeping his tax returns under lock and key. Now, Dems are cutting out the middle man and asking the IRS to show them the receipts. But why are the president’s tax returns such a big deal? In other money ne...Show More
Sharia Law in Brunei and NATO’s 70th

12:26 | Apr 3rd

Human rights groups all over the world are calling out Brunei for harsh new laws. People caught participating in gay sex could now be stoned to death. So we’re breaking down Sharia law and how it’s interpreted across the Muslim world. Meanwhile, NATO...Show More
Facebook vs. Fake News

12:57 | Apr 2nd

 India is headed to the polls soon. Social media there has turned into a mess of fake news. Sounds familiar. Facebook is trying to avoid a repeat of the 2016 U.S. elections. But that’s harder than it sounds. Meanwhile, the US Senate can’t agree on a ...Show More
Cutting Aid and Clearing Officials

13:14 | Apr 1st

The Trump Administration is thinking about cutting aid to a few Central American countries. It’s pointing to the border crisis. But how are the two related, again? In other DC news, today we found out that the White House gave security clearances to ...Show More
No Deal Brexit. But We Have Lyft-off.

12:23 | Mar 29th

Third time’s the charm. Except when it comes to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to get a Brexit deal approved. Bollocks. Parliament voted down her plan for the third time today. Making a no-deal Brexit look like a definite possibility. We’l...Show More
Hustling for Healthcare and Decoding 5G: Medicaid Work Requirements and Huawei

11:36 | Mar 28th

A DC judge struck down laws in Arkansas and Kentucky that would require Medicaid recipients to work in exchange for getting free or low-cost government healthcare coverage. Opening up the floor for debate. Meanwhile, the UK is the latest country to c...Show More
The Border Wall Budget and Theresa May’s (Br)exit Strategy

13:25 | Mar 27th

The Pentagon is checking its account - and making bank transfers - to figure out how it’s going to pay for President Trump’s border wall. Not everyone is happy with their fix. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she’s got a b...Show More
Nevermind: Trump Admin to the ACA, Chicago Prosecutors to Jussie Smollett, NASA to its All-Female Spacewalk

12:11 | Mar 26th

The Trump Administration wants to take down the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. Spoiler: this won’t be the last time you’ll hear about healthcare. Because 2020. Changes to the law could affect you. We’ll tell you about it. Meanwhile, in Chicago, i...Show More
Robert Mueller’s Day Off (And What it Means for Everyone Else)

13:02 | Mar 25th

Mueller…? Mueller…? After two years, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally turned in his report to the DOJ. And probably had a great weekend … while Attorney General William Barr got down to speed-reading. Today, we’re breaking down the questions th...Show More
Disputed Territories: The Golan Heights and Abortion Rights

13:09 | Mar 22nd

President Trump tweeted earlier this week that the US should recognize that Israel’s the boss of a disputed area called the Golan Heights. Making the US the first country to do so. Spoiler: the international community is annoyed. We’ll explain what’s...Show More
Free Speech on College Campuses, NZ Gun Reform, and Balls

12:46 | Mar 21st

President Trump just signed an executive order requiring colleges to support free speech. Which has a lot to do with conservative groups on campus. We’ll tell you what you need to know. Across the world in New Zealand, the gov has made moves to ban t...Show More
Anti-Trusting Tech

13:41 | Mar 20th

The European Union wants big tech companies to play nice with the competition. They don’t think Google’s doing that. So the EU hit Google with a 1.5 billion-euro fine. And that’s not the only antitrust story you’re hearing about today. Meanwhile, bac...Show More
Friends in Brazil and Floods in the Midwest

12:15 | Mar 19th

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and US President Trump caught up in the Oval Office today. They’re big fans. Of each other. Which is kind of a big deal, because the US and Brazil haven’t exactly been BFFs in the past. We’ll break down what’s going...Show More
Why Voting Districts Look Like Abstract Art, French Yellow Vests and Ballsy Women

13:25 | Mar 18th

Gerrymandering: drawing district lines so that some people have more power at the polls. And a big talker ahead of the 2020 election. Today, the Supremes are hearing a Virginia case. And they’ll be hearing from a couple more states this year. So we’r...Show More
White Nationalism and the Internet

12:58 | Mar 15th

Mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand are forcing a conversation about the spread of white nationalism … and the internet. Meanwhile, students took action to protest government inaction on climate change. Also on today’s episode: a Skimm’r sha...Show More
‘20 Questions: Citizenship and Beto O’Rourke

12:06 | Mar 14th

There are big questions coming up in 2020. Politicians are trying to get ahead of them. Today, Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross took the mic on Capitol Hill. The issue on the table: the 2020 census, and whether it should include a question about citizenship...Show More
Behind Bars: The CA Death Sentence and Paul Manafort

13:10 | Mar 13th

California Governor Gavin Newsom hit ‘pause’ on capital punishment in his state. Opening up the floor for a national debate on the death penalty. In other criminal justice news, a judge tacked on more federal prison time for former Trump campaign cha...Show More
How Rude: Brexit’s Backstop and How “Aunt Becky” Got Her Kid Into College

12:14 | Mar 12th

British parliament rejected PM Theresa May’s latest Brexit plan today. ICYMI, the EU and the UK are getting a divorce. But three years in, they still can’t agree on the terms. The biggest sticking point: the border with Ireland aka ‘the backstop.’ We...Show More
Just Won’t Budget

12:31 | Mar 11th

 President Trump just released his financial wishlist. On it: $718 billion for the Pentagon, way more than the spending cap. But he might get lucky with the money because of something called the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, aka the Pentagon ...Show More
Do Not Pass Go: How Judges Hand Down Prison Sentences

11:00 | Mar 8th

Paul Manafort got muuuch less prison time than prosecutors recommended on Thursday. Which got everyone talking. So today we’re breaking down sentencing laws... and how judges decide who gets to pass Go. In other jailhouse news: former Army intelligen...Show More
How the Military Handles Sexual Assault

12:06 | Mar 7th

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) has everyone talking about how to fix the military’s process for handling allegations of sexual assault. We’re breaking down what you need to know. Meanwhile, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is headed to pri...Show More
The Border Crisis: A Family Matter

11:03 | Mar 6th

The federal government is arguing about whether families migrating across the US-Mexico border are a national emergency. We’ll break down what’s going on. In other news from the feds, the FDA just gave a new antidepressant the thumbs up. But it’s got...Show More
Measles and Mardis Gras

11:13 | Mar 5th

You’ve been hearing a lot about the anti-vaccination movement. We’ll give you the context behind the headlines. In other health news, doctors in London say they’ve helped a second HIV patient beat the virus. But they want you to read the fine print. ...Show More