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In today’s world context is clarity. "Skimm This" breaks down the most important stories of the day and explains why they matter.  All in 10 minutes. Every Monday through Friday. All at 5PM.

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A Tale of Two Presidents: Venezuela’s Political Crisis

11:45 | Mar 4th

Two guys are fighting over Venezuela. One’s got the military behind him. The other has … pretty much everyone else on his side. In other fights over presidential power, US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is breaking with his party. And voting to block Presiden...Show More

Introducing: Skimm This

00:31 | Feb 22nd

A daily news podcast from theSkimm that’s breaking down the most complex stories of the day and connecting the dots on why it's important. The news is constantly changing. And in today's world, context is clarity. Skimm This is here to help.

Robert Mueller’s Day Off (And What it Means for Everyone Else)

13:02 | Mar 25th

Mueller…? Mueller…? After two years, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally turned in his report to the DOJ. And probably had a great weekend … while Attorney General William Barr got down to speed-reading. Today, we’re breaking down the questions th...Show More

Disputed Territories: The Golan Heights and Abortion Rights

13:09 | Mar 22nd

President Trump tweeted earlier this week that the US should recognize that Israel’s the boss of a disputed area called the Golan Heights. Making the US the first country to do so. Spoiler: the international community is annoyed. We’ll explain what’s...Show More

Free Speech on College Campuses, NZ Gun Reform, and Balls

12:46 | Mar 21st

President Trump just signed an executive order requiring colleges to support free speech. Which has a lot to do with conservative groups on campus. We’ll tell you what you need to know. Across the world in New Zealand, the gov has made moves to ban t...Show More

Anti-Trusting Tech

13:41 | Mar 20th

The European Union wants big tech companies to play nice with the competition. They don’t think Google’s doing that. So the EU hit Google with a 1.5 billion-euro fine. And that’s not the only antitrust story you’re hearing about today. Meanwhile, bac...Show More

Friends in Brazil and Floods in the Midwest

12:15 | Mar 19th

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and US President Trump caught up in the Oval Office today. They’re big fans. Of each other. Which is kind of a big deal, because the US and Brazil haven’t exactly been BFFs in the past. We’ll break down what’s going...Show More

Why Voting Districts Look Like Abstract Art, French Yellow Vests and Ballsy Women

13:25 | Mar 18th

Gerrymandering: drawing district lines so that some people have more power at the polls. And a big talker ahead of the 2020 election. Today, the Supremes are hearing a Virginia case. And they’ll be hearing from a couple more states this year. So we’r...Show More

White Nationalism and the Internet

12:58 | Mar 15th

Mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand are forcing a conversation about the spread of white nationalism … and the internet. Meanwhile, students took action to protest government inaction on climate change. Also on today’s episode: a Skimm’r sha...Show More

‘20 Questions: Citizenship and Beto O’Rourke

12:06 | Mar 14th

There are big questions coming up in 2020. Politicians are trying to get ahead of them. Today, Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross took the mic on Capitol Hill. The issue on the table: the 2020 census, and whether it should include a question about citizenship...Show More

Behind Bars: The CA Death Sentence and Paul Manafort

13:10 | Mar 13th

California Governor Gavin Newsom hit ‘pause’ on capital punishment in his state. Opening up the floor for a national debate on the death penalty. In other criminal justice news, a judge tacked on more federal prison time for former Trump campaign cha...Show More

How Rude: Brexit’s Backstop and How “Aunt Becky” Got Her Kid Into College

12:14 | Mar 12th

British parliament rejected PM Theresa May’s latest Brexit plan today. ICYMI, the EU and the UK are getting a divorce. But three years in, they still can’t agree on the terms. The biggest sticking point: the border with Ireland aka ‘the backstop.’ We...Show More

Just Won’t Budget

12:31 | Mar 11th

 President Trump just released his financial wishlist. On it: $718 billion for the Pentagon, way more than the spending cap. But he might get lucky with the money because of something called the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, aka the Pentagon ...Show More

Do Not Pass Go: How Judges Hand Down Prison Sentences

11:00 | Mar 8th

Paul Manafort got muuuch less prison time than prosecutors recommended on Thursday. Which got everyone talking. So today we’re breaking down sentencing laws... and how judges decide who gets to pass Go. In other jailhouse news: former Army intelligen...Show More

How the Military Handles Sexual Assault

12:06 | Mar 7th

Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) has everyone talking about how to fix the military’s process for handling allegations of sexual assault. We’re breaking down what you need to know. Meanwhile, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is headed to pri...Show More

The Border Crisis: A Family Matter

11:03 | Mar 6th

The federal government is arguing about whether families migrating across the US-Mexico border are a national emergency. We’ll break down what’s going on. In other news from the feds, the FDA just gave a new antidepressant the thumbs up. But it’s got...Show More

Measles and Mardis Gras

11:13 | Mar 5th

You’ve been hearing a lot about the anti-vaccination movement. We’ll give you the context behind the headlines. In other health news, doctors in London say they’ve helped a second HIV patient beat the virus. But they want you to read the fine print. ...Show More