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Building A Unicorn

Lawson Media

90 per cent of startups fail, but what does it take to build a business that succeeds? That defies all expectations? That could one-day become what investors call a unicorn? Hosted by Kristofor Lawson this series dives into the heart of entrepreneurs...Show More

1:02:12 | May 30th

No matter what kind of business you run sooner or later you’ll find yourself having one of those seemingly boring conversations around safety. It may seem boring but having processes around safety is vital for the health and wellbeing of staff, and g...Show More

1:08:03 | May 8th

We live in a global market. It’s no longer good enough for startups to just focus on their local consumers - we have to think globally if we ever want to hit our market potential. And in the process of thinking global you might find yourself needing ...Show More
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1:09:02 | May 2nd

If you’re a creative person and you’re looking to build a website, find some art for your project, or music to use in a multimedia production - chances are you’ve found yourself looking for templates or small pieces of pre-made works you can use. And...Show More

1:00:29 | Apr 24th

When you’re working on any new enterprise, starting a new career, or looking to move up in the world, you might find yourself wondering where you can go to get advice from people who have been there before. Sure, you could start surfing around online...Show More

53:56 | Apr 10th

When you think about the individuals who really shaped humanity over the past few centuries - your mind probably wanders to people like Albert Einstein, Picasso, Henry Ford, or Steve Jobs. These are the people who dared to dream about the future, to ...Show More
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