Podcasting Step by Step

Sarah Mikutel International

Struggling to start your podcast? Or, maybe you started a show but now you feel like you’re drowning? Podcasting Step by Step blends actionable guidance with motivation and a little loving hand-holding to help you overcome the overwhelm, crush the fe...Show More

42:24 | Jun 28th

On this episode, I dive deep into sponsorship for the indie podcaster with Jessica Kupferman, CEO of She Podcasts, the largest women's podcasting community, which she co-founded with Elsie Escobar.

07:36 | Oct 24th

Turning your podcast into a book is one way to monetize your show while growing your influence, so why not plan for that from the beginning? On Podcasting Step by Step, I share how you can map out an entire year’s worth of podcast content in an hour,...Show More
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16:05 | Oct 17th

When I hear people ask podcasters what their proudest, most satisfying achievement has been in podcasting, they never say ‘money,’ or ‘popularity,’ or ‘I get to be the boss.’ They tell stories of listeners writing in to them thanking them for saving ...Show More

38:25 | Oct 10th

Don’t have a massive following on social media? No worries! Who needs a million followers anyway? Right now, sponsors are loving micro-influencers, people with smaller but loyal followings. This is, of course, fantastic news for podcasters.    On ep...Show More

09:58 | Oct 4th

You’re invited to join the Podcasting Step by Step community on Facebook.    What’s that? You have a love hate relationship with social media? Join the club. A lot of podcasters wonder if it’s worth spending time on social media to market their podca...Show More
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