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Susan Choi


Hold on to your brain because High Performance Stress Management Coach Susan Choi is going to blow you away with how to regain control over your mind when it comes to STRESS. Through this podcast you’ll learn directly from Susan to help you better un...Show More


23:08 | Jul 1st

This one simple mindset shift might be the difference between staying STUCK in fear, worry, and doubt, to getting back into the ZONE and into alignment. Listen as I share one simple mindset shift t...Show More

36:00 | Jun 24th

Listen in on my conversation with a private client Ruth, who moved countries, switched jobs, and started a long distance relationships all while managing her mind. Ruth shares why she decided it wa...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

30:00 | Jun 17th

Circumstances in our life are inevitable and the only way to feel better is to actually learn HOW TO FEEL ANYTHING. Because let’s be real, most people would rather turn to wine, ice cream, or booki...Show More

17:40 | Jun 5th

Holding space to have tough conversations is a beautiful skill to learn so that we can focus on the importance of the content and the relationship itself. Now more than ever people are standing up ...Show More

17:33 | Jun 3rd

Feel like something is missing in your life despite having a perfectly good life? This week, I’m sharing what it means to think and feel ON PURPOSE so that you don’t live your life as if the future...Show More
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