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The Honeybadger Crew

Three developers building a software business on our own terms.

25:04 | Mar 29th

"Suits" vs "hackers" is a trope as old as tech itself. Suits want to make money and cut costs. Hackers want to build cool things the right way. What if you're both the suit *and* the hacker? How do you balance business vs engineering needs and ad...Show More

00:57 | Jul 19th

The boys are taking a few weeks off from podcasting to enjoy the fleeting Pacific northwest summer. They'll be back in late August or early September, fully rested and ready with hot takes to warm you as summer turns to fall.
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37:11 | Jul 12th

The guys talk about their experiences with offers to acquire Honeybadger and go over some common structures of acquisition deals (hint - most don’t involve walking a wheelbarrow of money out of your office and never returning). They also chat about t...Show More

34:41 | Jul 5th

This week the guys talk about their office equipment and remote workspaces which range from working in a winery to building a standalone office in a backyard. They also go full old cranky developer mode on the new office paradigms and warn the youths...Show More

38:08 | Jun 28th

The guys answer a listener question about how to ensure customers are happy with your product and how to be proactive in finding out if they aren't. This can be especially difficult if your customers tend to be a little bit introverted...*cough* deve...Show More
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