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Happy Hour History

Kayden MR

The podcast also called 'Drinking Stuff and Learning Things'. Join us for a comedy history podcast as host Kayden attempts to bring to life the craziest and most amazing tales from history so she can turn all her friends into massive history nerds to...Show More

54:12 | Jul 11th

This episode is taking us back to our earliest story yet: 3000 years ago in Ancient Egypt with our girl Pharaoh Hatshepsut. In a world of patriarchy, incest marriages, and a plethora of Thutmoses, how does Hatshepsut find herself donning that fake be...Show More

1:09:41 | Jun 28th

Meaghan is back this week to join Kayden as we head home to America to learn all about one of our most famous ladies: Sacagawea. You might know her as the guide of the Lewis and Clark expedition (not really accurate), but did you know she was kidnapp...Show More
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1:14:13 | Oct 5th

Thomas is back for Part 2 of Robert Semple's life. Bobby Big Nuts is finally making a name for himself on the international playing field with the invention of... a really cute tank? Learn the full story of one of the most meme'd topics in history wi...Show More

1:25:34 | Sep 21st

This week Kayden has joined forces with Thomas from the History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast to learn all about 'Bobby Big Nuts' (also known as Robert Semple). Semple is well known for an interesting WWII invention -- but what about his early life...Show More

1:19:16 | Aug 15th

Happy Hour History with a Twist .... This week, Kayden has done no research at all, but only because she's joined by Cameron Zinsou, a PhD candidate who has come to teach us all about Operation Anvil / Dragoon just in time for the 75th anniversary. T...Show More
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