Worst Firsts with Brittany Furlan

Michael Yo Almost Died in Front of His Parents

1:02:40 | Feb 25th

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Comedian and host of the "Michael Yo Show" podcast Michael Yo joins Brittany this week to relive his near-death experience, the time he flipped his truck in front of his parent's restaurant. Plus, Mic...Show More


gustborges recommended:Sep 16th

Brittany Furlan and Michael Yo should have a podcast just for themselves

I thought this episode was:

💎 A great conversation
ðŸĪĢ Absolutely hilarious

mmSep 16th

@gustborges YESSSSS This was exactly what I thought too! Michael will just be comments on Brittany's weird eyes all the time tho.

mm recommended:Sep 5th

This was SO FUNNY. Warning: Lots of potty humour, but Michael Yo and Brittany Furlan's dynamic is hilarious. The premise of this is show is that that Brittany interviews her guests about their worst first dates. Michael's finger lickin' first date definitely takes the cake.

I thought this episode was:

ðŸĨœ Nuts
ðŸĪĢ Absolutely hilarious
💛 Honest
ðŸĪŠ Weird
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