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The West Wing Thing

Dave Anthony

Each week hosts Dave Anthony and Josh Olson watch and then discuss an episode of The West Wing.

52:25 | Jul 22nd

It's a brand new season of The West Wing Thing, and Dave and Josh are back! We kick things off with Episode 12, "He Shall, From Time To Time." Everything you ever wanted to know about the State of the Union address! Plus - why CJ has trouble keeping ...Show More

43:11 | Jun 10th

We end our West Wing Thing podcast season 1 with a wrap up.  We've struggled through 11 episodes of The West Wing and are joined by activist Susan Saxe to discuss neoliberalism and how the West Wing infected the politics of the Democratic Party.

54:11 | Jun 3rd

Episode 11. "Lord John Marbury"/"He Shall, From Time To Time…" The West Wing tackles the complex issue of Pakistan and India in the most simplistic way possible.  To discuss the situation, we are joined by our first guest ever - Writer, journalist, a...Show More

59:43 | May 27th

Dave Anthony and Josh Olson discuss Ep 10, "In Excelsis Deo," in which the show tackles the serious problem of veteran homelessness in the most shallow fashion possible.

47:49 | May 20th

Dave and Josh discuss Ep 9, "The Short List." A Supreme Court justice is picked! He's a Federalist! And in West Wing style, the pick seems to have little to do with issues that the left in America would actually care about.

48:33 | May 13th

In episode 8, "Enemies," we experience the joy of the White House trying to pass a banking bill through a Congress that can attach amendments.  It is griping.

54:11 | May 6th

Episode 7, The State Dinner, takes a dive into American exceptionalism, Sorkin's take on unions, and the weirdest hurricane ending possible.

1:02:19 | Apr 29th

Dave and Josh discuss Episode 6, "Mr Wills of Ohio."  Awkward moments dealing with race.  Very awkward.

50:37 | Apr 22nd

In Episode 5, "The Crackpots and These Women," Josh melts down over something he shouldn't meltdown over and we experience the worst ending yet.

58:31 | Apr 15th

In episode 4,"Five Votes Down" we get to see the exciting mechanics behind passing a gun bill that no one seems to think is good. And Josh Olson finds the greatest visual in the history of television.

48:30 | Apr 8th

In episode 3, "A Proportional Response," the president of the United States wants to kill a lot of people and the White House becomes less white.

1:13:59 | Apr 1st

Episode 2 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, in which the left wing gets screwed, the delightful friendship of Sam and the sex worker continues, and a very bad thing happens.

1:00:41 | Mar 25th

In the pilot of The West Wing, which is titled "Pilot", we meet the staff of the Josiah Bartlet administration.  Twitter - @TheWestWingThi1