Draw the Lines

Draw the Lines

Draw the Lines is the podcast that's out to slay the gerrymander, digging deep into the political abuse that's at the root of a lot that's wrong with our government. Based in Pennsylvania, it's part of the biggest public mapping initiative in the na...Show More
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Episode 3: From Ratf***ed to Unrigged: David Daley Discovers Hope

29:00 | Apr 17th

David Daley wrote the book on how gerrymandering undermines democracy. He gave it a profane title and a depressing epilogue tinged with despair about America’s future. He’s got a new book now. In it, he joyfully details how the final chapter of his e...Show More
Episode 4: Gerrymander Never Knew What Hit It - Ben Geffen Saves America

30:33 | Apr 25th

OK, we exaggerate somewhat. But Ben Geffen was a key player on the legal team that won the first court case that overturned for good a notorious 2011 gerrymander. Geffen’s tale takes you behind closed doors to learn how a band of determined citizens ...Show More
Episode 2: For the Love of Mike: Bryan Miller Fights Back

25:03 | Apr 8th

Gerrymanders aren’t just wacky lines on a map. By empowering ideologues and special interests, they thwart the common-sense solutions to tough issues that are favored by strong majorities of Americans. Gun violence protection is one such issue. Mee...Show More
Episode 1: Dude, Who Stole My Seat? Jason Altmire Hunts Answers

35:51 | Mar 28th

Jason Altmire was the chief victim of the Pennsylvania’s Great Gerrymander of 2011. In this episode, he explains how he lost a seat in Congress after three terms through diabolically subtle line-drawing, aimed at setting him up to lose his own party’...Show More