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Fat Lot of Good

Helen Thorn

A funny and honest podcast about our bodies - what we think of them, what we put in them, what we do with them and what it really means to be a fat person in a thin-obsessed world. Helen Thorn, comedian, one half of the podcast duo Scummy Mummies, lo...Show More

32:11 | Aug 15th

In this episode we discuss all things fannies and flaps with the brilliant physiotherapist and comedian, Elaine Miller. Elaine is the woman behind Gusset Grippers, and is taking the shame and stigma out of talking about pelvic floors and incontinence...Show More

43:57 | Aug 9th

This week we speak to the amazing Juno Dawson - author, writer and advocate. We discuss everything from friendship, to be being in a band, to eating Fish Fingers sandwiches, to what it's like to be a Trans Woman in 2019. We also chat about her fabulo...Show More

42:34 | Aug 2nd

This week we delve into the world of relationships, and the importance of loving your body, with married couple Jemma and Billy aka @jemmas_health_hub and @dadoutsidethelines. We discuss long-term relationships, looking after your body and male body ...Show More

31:48 | Jul 26th

This week we chat with tanner to the stars and all 'round delight, it is of course the marvellous Jules Von Hep! He is a podcaster, one half of Jules and Sarah and the man behind the brand Isle of Paradise. We chat naked bodies, how to get the perfec...Show More

33:23 | Jul 18th

This week we chat with the RAINBOW of happiness, Sarah Powell. She's a podcaster, journalist, a wedding celebrant and one half of the fabulous duo - Jules and Sarah! We talk about Sarah's struggles with dieting and self love and why on her wedding ni...Show More

47:45 | Jul 11th

This week we chat (and giggle) with the fabulous "Midult" duo - Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan. During a battle to cope with the aircon being off, we talk about their ongoing challenge with the world accepting middle-aged women, putting their pas...Show More

44:49 | Jul 4th

Our guest is the amazing nutritionist and author extraordinaire, Laura Thomas. In this frank episode, we explore the whole of diet culture, emotional eating and discuss how learning to eat intuitively is a rebellious act against the companies using s...Show More

36:59 | Jun 27th

Our guest is the superb Louise Pentland. In this hilarious episode, we talk honestly about her life on and off social media and what motherhood has changed about her. Louise also gives us her top tips for feeling fabulous. Louise can be found on in...Show More

38:00 | Jun 20th

Our guest is the amazing tattoo artist Rebecca Vincent. We talk about how she became a tattooist, the people she sees, the mutual consent required for such an intense interaction and the best bit of the body to tattoo Rebecca's amazing tattoos ca...Show More

36:10 | Jun 13th

Our guest is the fabulous and gorgeous Shareefa, plus-size model, and co-founder of Shine 4 Diversity. We talk about Shareefa work as a model and she reveals some shocking truths about dieting and rascism in the industry. Super stunning Shareefa ca...Show More

31:21 | Jun 7th

In this episode Helen talks to the marvellous Daisy Buchanan. Daisy tells us about her new book ‘The Sisterhood: A Love Letter to the Women Who Have Shaped Me’, describes her teenage bedroom renovation aspirations and relates a harrowing story involv...Show More

28:03 | May 30th

This week the podcast is blessed with the presence of the Rev. Kate Bottley! In this episode, Kate and Helen discuss stretch marks, boudoir photoshoots, raising body-positive daughters, having someone else towel dry under your boobs and the relations...Show More

33:56 | May 23rd

What's the quickest way to warm up a wetsuit....? In this episode Helen is paid a visit by Alexandra 'Hemmo' Heminsley, the wild-swimming, marathon-running, book-writing genius. They talk about the physical and emotional impact of IVF, the sheer joy...Show More

29:26 | May 16th

In this episode Helen is joined by the fabulous Fay Reid to talk about - what else - bodies! Among many other things, Fay tells us about the amazing Jamaican food she was raised on, how she is coping with the loss of her mother, the ordeal that is th...Show More

31:13 | May 10th

Helen is joined by two fabulous stylists in this week’s episode; Yvadney, founder of #mumsthatslay and Donna, a.k.a SulkyDoll. Among many things, they talk about the tyranny of the red carpet when it comes to body size, regaining your fashion spark a...Show More

34:53 | May 2nd

In this episode, Helen is joined by Sofie Hagen to talk about her new book Happy Fat: Taking Up Space in a World that Wants to Shrink You (out now!) Among many other wonderful things, Sofie talks about the original Fat Activists who campaigned for, w...Show More

32:52 | Apr 25th

Helen chats to the outrageously funny and brutally honest Deborah James and Lauren Mahon. They are the hosts of ‘You, Me and the Big C’, a BBC Radio 5 Live podcast which was started up by the news presenter Rachel Bland, who sadly passed away last ye...Show More

30:21 | Apr 18th

Are you making a political statement or are you just lazy!? This week Helen is joined by the gorgeous Clemmie Telford, creator and curator of motherofalllists.com, Instagrammer, Consultant Creative Director and mother of three. Over vegan biscuits an...Show More

32:34 | Apr 11th

"Have you seen the undercarriage?" Who do we have this week? It’s only bloody Arabella Weir! The legendary comedian, actress and writer is best known for Fast Show and Grumpy Old Women as well as for her bestselling books, including 'Does My Bum Lo...Show More

31:56 | Apr 11th

'I am capable of atrocity.' In this episode, the really rather wonderful comedian and campaigner Jack Rooke drops in for some fat chat with Helen. It’s the first time they’ve met sober and not in a field at an arts festival but don’t worry, Jack stil...Show More

31:35 | Apr 11th

This week we are very lucky to be joined in the studio by Natalie Lee, a.k.a. Style Me Sunday! Natalie talks to Helen about being raised in a yo-yo diet culture, encouraging her children to celebrate blackness and the #fridayfinger… Natalie speciali...Show More

02:21 | Apr 3rd

Hello and welcome to the Fat Lot of Good podcast! This is a funny and honest podcast about our bodies - what we think of them, what we put in them, what we do with them and what it really means to be a fat person in a thin obsessed world. In this epi...Show More