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Beenham Valley Road

Six10 Media

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Beenham Valley Road is a true crime podcast taking a look into the tragic murder of 27 yr old Kirra McLoughlin, from Wolvi, Queensland. Hosted by two ex cops who actually met Kirra.


54:07 | Nov 4th, 2019

The final regular episode of BVR. Jamie talks with another person who was at Kirra's house on that July night in 2014. Another person comes forward with some information that could be case changing. S...Show More

17:08 | Oct 30th, 2019

Jamie talks with Graeme, who is an ex police officer and private investigator about BVR and another case he is still investigating. A future podcast is on the cards...Graeme provides some clarity in r...Show More
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33:48 | Oct 19th, 2019

Jamie chats to Tom all things BVR; Tom goes into a little more depth as to why he had to take a step back.

1:04:42 | Oct 17th, 2019

Alison clarifies a few things and provides some background on Kirra. Jamie speaks with Camel, Katy, Sam and Nakota, and the search for that white car Head to to read our blogs...Show More

1:10:30 | Oct 3rd, 2019

Jamie catches up with someone who spent over a decade in a relationship with Jason. She provides some context and backstory surrounding Kirra and Jason's relationship. Trigger warning: This episode ...Show More
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