Give First


In the startup world, Give First means simply trying to help anyone—especially entrepreneurs—with no expectation of getting anything back. It's the pay-it-forward principle that builds strong startup networks. Hosts David Cohen and Brad Feld—Techstar...Show More

31:11 | Feb 6th

Philip McKernan believes life is too short to have regrets. As a life coach, he is dedicated to helping others rediscover themselves, tap into their greatest gifts and create a positive impact on the ...Show More

19:29 | Jan 21st

David Cohen and Brad Feld muse on the terrific guests they’ve talked to so far and tease some new guests, announcements, and books coming soon.
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24:15 | Jan 9th

SparkCharge Founder and CEO Joshua Aviv shares his remarkable journey live from CES 2020. Listen for insights about how he turned an idea from an econ class at Syracuse University into a thriving star...Show More

22:29 | Jan 9th

Damon Motorcycles Co-founder and CTO (and Techstars Mobility alum) Dominique Kwong talks with Techstars VP of Network John Hill about the unstoppable power of business and engineering partnerships, la...Show More

24:40 | Jan 8th

Event Hub CEO and Co-founder Michael Bleau shares his startup experience live from CES 2020. Listen for insights about how Event Hub is tapping technology to help companies make meaningful real-life c...Show More
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