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In the startup world, Give First means simply trying to help anyone—especially entrepreneurs—with no expectation of getting anything back. It's the pay-it-forward principle that builds strong startup networks. Hosts David Cohen and Brad Feld—Techstar...Show More
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David & Brad reflect on the first six episodes of the Give First podcast

29:39 | Jun 26th

How has the Give First podcast been going? David and Brad reflect back on their initial forays into podcast hosting, and come to the conclusion that, while they’re still learning, their guests are amazing.
Kesha Cash on impact investing—and how mentorship got her there

27:17 | Jun 18th

Strong mentorship was essential to Kesha Cash’s journey to becoming an impact investor. Her mentors Gave First to help her—and now she’s Giving First to diverse entrepreneurs through her Impact America Fund.
T.A. McCann on how sailing in the America’s Cup is like running a startup

26:43 | Jun 11th

T.A. McCann, serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of Pioneer Square Labs, has sailed in two America’s Cups. How are sailing and startups alike? T.A. explains.
Mary Grove on the origins of Google for Startups & Startup Weekend

28:15 | Jun 4th

From Google for Startups to Startup Weekend to Rise of the Rest and beyond, Mary Grove is passionate about community-driven change, and helping make it happen.
Troy Henikoff on how #GiveFirst grew the Chicago startup ecosystem

27:40 | May 28th

Over the years, a #GiveFirst network will reward its members time and time again. Troy Henikoff looks back at 2009, when he first encountered Techstars and was so inspired he started his own accelerator—with some help from the Techstars Network. A de...Show More
Paul Berberian on the “addictive” nature of mentoring

19:48 | May 21st

How did Sphero CEO Paul Berberian make the number one toy in the world? Sphero got to make the BB8 toy robot because of a connection made during a Techstars accelerator. That’s the power of the network. Hear him tell that story, and more.
Wendy Lea talks about the risks of saying no

16:28 | May 14th

Entrepreneur, investor, and Techstars board member Wendy Lea remembers the beginnings of Techstars, her first encounters with #GiveFirst—and how mentors have changed her life.
What is Give First?

03:41 | May 2nd

David Cohen and Brad Feld explore what Give First means to them