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Know Your Enemy

Matthew Sitman

A leftist's guide to the conservative movement, one podcast episode at a time, with co-hosts Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell.
The Rise of the Illiberal Right

1:18:33 | Jul 12th

From the recent Sohrab Ahmari-David French debate over liberalism to Republican gerrymandering and manipulation of the census, there's a lot happening on the right—and it's not good. In this episode, Matt and Sam connect conservative theory and pract...Show More
The Definitely-Not-Racist National Conservatives

1:37:07 | Jul 30th

Matt and Sam discuss the inaugural National Conservatism conference in D.C (July 14-17) — and how the conservative movement is rebranding for the Trump era.
The Death of Conservatism? (Part 2)

1:01:02 | Jun 26th

We pick up where we left off in our quick and dirty history of post-war American conservatism. Then we discuss the Big Question: is conservatism really dead?
The Death of Conservatism? (Part 1)

1:01:30 | Jun 12th

How did a once-marginal movement of right-wing ideologues manage to take power in America, ascending to the highest levels of government? In the first of two episodes on Sam Tanenhaus's "The Death of Conservatism," we look at the early history of po...Show More
How Conservatives Argue

1:17:27 | May 16th

How do right-wing arguments work? Why do they often succeed? And how should leftists counter them?
Behind Enemy Lines

1:01:42 | May 7th

Matt and Sam introduce themselves and the show.