Know Your Enemy

Matthew Sitman

A leftist's guide to the conservative movement, one podcast episode at a time, with co-hosts Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell.

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1:18:33 | Jul 12th, 2019

From the recent Sohrab Ahmari-David French debate over liberalism to Republican gerrymandering and manipulation of the census, there's a lot happening on the right—and it's not good. In this episode, ...Show More
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My friend Matt makes this podcast and is doing an amazing job with it. Highly recommend checking it out if you want to understand what’s hap...Show More

1:59:07 | Mar 15th

Matt and Sam talk to John Ganz about David Duke, Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, and the year 1992—when paleconservatives made a play for power and prefigured our own Trumpy times.

1:26:29 | Feb 5th

Matt and Sam welcome their first "enemy" onto the show—Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist and author of the new book The Decadent Society—to talk about the state of conservatism.
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