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Melanin Memos

Amisha Abeyawardene

A WoC in Science Podcast

36:12 | Aug 14th

On this episode of Melanin Memos we’ll be discussing QTIPOC experiences in science. As a member and advocate for the QTIPOC community, Amisha will be interviewing two amazing women in this special episode. She’ll be speaking with Dr Monifa Phillips, ...Show More

48:06 | Jul 30th

Cameron interviews geneticist Dr Tejaswini Mishra, who discusses her work on NASA’s Twin Study, and the effects of long term spaceflight and its benefits to earth-based health research, as well as inflammatory responses, and long non-coding RNA. She ...Show More

41:12 | Jul 8th

As conversations around mental health become less stigmatised, we must ensure that people from BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) communities are included in the conversation. In this episode, Amisha speaks with Dr. Gursharan Kalsi who has been working ...Show More

57:45 | Jun 1st

The genomic revolution has been considered a great milestone in scientific research and continues to teach us about our ancestral origins and health risks. In this episode, Amisha will speak with Prof Maanasa Raghavan who uses ancient DNA to elucidat...Show More

58:50 | May 25th

In the second episode of Melanin Memos, policy researcher and environmental justice activist Charise Johnson explains how we can better include communities of colour in climate activism, and our responsibility to communities, with Hannah; while Labou...Show More