Land of the Giants

“Netflix is a team, not a family”

39:12 | Jun 23rd

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Is working on a team of all-stars, excellent pay, and unlimited vacation worth the stress of constant criticism from co-workers and the knowledge that your boss is considering whether to replace you? ...Show More


epekilis recommended:Jul 3rd

I honestly almost had an anxiety attack listening to this. Of course I agree with a merit based work culture, but that’s not what this sounds like. They’re smart and they make a lot of $$$$ but there is more to life than that and it still sounds completely toxic. I guess it means that there is a wo...Show More

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alicekoJul 3rd

@epekilis Wow, it's so interesting that you and I had such different reactions to this episode! Culture is the most important thing to me as well and I cannot stand toxic workplaces. I guess I also see the negative side of a company that lets its employees coast.

epekilisJul 4th

Oh I agree with your sentiment completely. I agree that coasting and complacency are negative workplace cultures and that a true meritocracy where nobody is irreplaceable is a good thing. I just don’t think that’s what they are doing. I think that’s what they say they are doing, but not actually ...Show More

bigfoot_skeptic recommended:Jun 30th

If you liked this episode, you may like the episode "How To Live Criticism" from Worklife with Adam Grant.

mmJun 30th

@bigfoot_skeptic I sense the start of an intriguing podcast playlist there.

aliceko recommended:Jun 29th

I really believe in the high-performing culture at Netflix. I truly think people should be re-evaluated in their roles all the time and the company should always consider l “is this the right person for the role?” This is best approach for the business AND for the individual. If an individual starts...Show More

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adonis recommended:Jun 27th

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mm recommended:Jun 27th

Netflix’ founder was way overconfident in his streaming vs DVD business split that turned out to be a total market disaster, but no one on his team was willing to tell him he’s wrong. The failure of that launch completely changed Netflix’s culture.

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elepheel recommended:Jun 26th

The second season of "Land of the Giants" is about Netflix and the first episode is a really fascinating look at their company culture and how it was shaped.

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