Dragged Out

S1 E01: For Queers, For Our Entertainment

39:44 | Jun 26th, 2019

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Max learns what drag is, and what drag means to the queer community in Vancouver. Performers from around the city share why drag is important to them.  Dragged Out is proudly sponsored by JQ Clothing...Show More


vanpodfest recommended:Nov 4th, 2019

Local podcast Max Collins takes a deep-dive into Vancouver's drag community and opens the series with an episode featuring performers talking about what drag means to them.

mm recommended:Oct 30th, 2019

Is drag just for men who dress up as women? Can queer and cis people also participate in drag? Drag is a way explore gender identity and owning it. This really well produced new podcast series explores the drag community in Vancouver and asks "where has it all gone?" Also, I just found out that thi...Show More

mmOct 30th, 2019

Hey @kimberleylw @rehmat, This super well-produced podcast about drag in Vancouver is for you.