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Chloey Ritzman

When anyone thinks of Versailles, they think opulence, absolute monarchy, and severed heads. I'm here to tell you that there is so much more than that Your favorite French history nerd and her regular nerd husband are here to talk everything Versa...Show More

25:14 | Jul 1st

This Episode is a bit out of order, but with all the anniversaries of different revolutions coming up, We wanted to shake things up a bit. Take a look at what Versailles was like during the American Revolution Artwork by Ash Valentine @tatt...Show More

23:08 | Aug 19th

It's time to be our guest... AGAIN! This week Kurt says more than two words. We talk about Siam, Persia, and Issiny. In that order? Maybe. Versailles is so much more interesting with all this diplomats coming and going all the time. ...Show More
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24:48 | Aug 5th

This week we talk about Louis XIV's friends coming over for a visit. Kurt offers advice for how to deal with France, and he also is baffled by windows. If that's not enough, how about The Hall of Mirrors, lions, bears, and not tigers though. ...Show More

29:01 | Jul 15th

This episode we go off the rails a little bit and have a meltdown about rich people and Thomas Jefferson. We also talk about Bastille Day (sorry, France) and it's effect on Versailles. I hope you dismantled a government body for this one, folks...Show More

21:56 | Jun 17th

It's here! The newest episode! The affair of the poisons! Are you interested in poisoning spouses? Disappearing Children? The idea of the upper class collapsing in on itself? Look no further! (No spouses where harmed in the making of this episod...Show More
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