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Digging Up Disaster

27:34 | Oct 15th, 2019

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How did an ancient Roman harbor end up in ruins? Scientists realized the culprit was a long-forgotten natural disaster that left tell-tale geological clues -- and possibly an eyewitness account in an ...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 5th

Wow......This was a terrific episode. Religious text can tell us a lot about actual events in history. This episode about what happened to an ancient Roman harbour that's in ruins. An archeologist figures it out with the help of the Talmud, the text of Rabbinic Judaism. And her finding is impacting ...Show More

olivierFeb 7th

@mm have you listened to the cave of the Jaguar god? That is still my favourite.

mmFeb 7th

@olivier No, but that’s the episode that @epekilis used to nominate for this podcast to be the new show of 2019 for CBC’s @podcastplaylist. I must revisit and listen to it now. Thanks for the suggestion! The walls of Pompeii one was really good too. Also @olivier @epekilis Please meet each other! I...Show More

epekilisFeb 7th

@olivier @mm I actually heard this episode before I hard Cave of the Jaguar God. I really liked this episode, but Cave of the Jaguar God was practically Spielberg-worthy. This podcast is consistently excellent. Another podcast in a similar vein is SideDoor by the Smithsonian. As many separate m...Show More

olivierFeb 7th

@epekilis @mm thank you for the recommendations! I was totally searching for a similar podcast to listen to. Sidedoor has a lot of episodes and should cover it for the next little while.

epekilisFeb 7th

@olivier @mm Once released, A History of the World in 100 Objects became popular beyond their wildest expectations. They started to think about how they could use the podcast format to really make their collections and the expertise of the curatorial staff available to the broader community as re...Show More

epekilisFeb 7th

@olivier @mm Also check out A History of the World in 100 Objects, which is the mothership. It’s still available and still exceptional listening. Another one in a similar vein to try is the National Trust Podcast, hosted by Lucy Worley. The British Museum has started its own podcast but the episo...Show More

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