Overheard at National Geographic

Cave of the Jaguar God

30:05 | Nov 5th, 2019

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Crawl into the Maya underworld, where science meets spirits, shamans, and snakes. A long-forgotten cave could shed light on one of history's most enduring questions: why did the ancient Maya collapse?...Show More


usernames recommended:Oct 2nd

Imagining passing the deadly snake guarding a tiny stone passageway deep underground took me right out of my body. I like that the archeologists are so entwined with the local Maya and respecting their deep knowledge and spirituality while exploring the site. Also what a mystery about the resealing ...Show More

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epekilis recommended:Dec 1st, 2019

I nominate Overheard at National Geographic for best new podcast of 2019. In a world plagued by fake news and loss of trust in our institutions, it captures the wonder, curiosity and excitement that characterizes the best of science. This episode features real life archaeologists that could rival ...Show More

dannyDec 1st, 2019

👌🏾that's beautifully said. thanks, will check it out myself.

epekilisDec 2nd, 2019

@danny I could have chosen just about any episode of this podcast, but this one has it all. A great mystery (why did the ancient Mayan civilization collapse?); cave diving archaeologists; dark underground labyrinths; human skulls; poisonous snakes. He totally had me in the first few minutes when ...Show More