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“Truer, but also darker.” This is the real origin story behind America’s decision to go to the moon. The story we learn starts with Sputnik, then President Kennedy’s challenge, and ends with triumph: an American flag on the lunar surface. But in the ...Show More


39:19 | Aug 13th, 2019

A Russian rocket dreamer is sent to a Siberian prison. And the road to redemption stretches more than 5,000 miles. On this episode of "Moonrise," a look at the maestro behind the Soviet space effort.
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cesarm recommended:

This podcast is really going deep on the birth and evolution of the space race. This has been my favorite episode so far.

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46:01 | Oct 1st, 2019

John F. Kennedy announces the moonshot. Then the doubts creep in …In the ninth chapter of “Moonrise,” old White House recordings reveal the president’s true views on the space race.
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cesarm recommended:

I never ever heard that JFK tried not once but twice to make the moon landing into a joint Soviet and American effort. Also Khrushchev was a...Show More

49:36 | Sep 17th, 2019

Congress investigates the Sputnik launch. Lyndon Johnson seizes the spotlight. And President Eisenhower gets backed into a corner. In the seventh chapter of “Moonrise,” space gets political.
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This podcast decided to go the long route to put into context the Space Program. And it has payed off. Everybody always points out to Kenned...Show More

37:15 | Jul 30th, 2019

A tiny New York office fills with big ideas. A group of sci-fi writers bring space travel into popular culture. American rocketry begins to take flight. On this episode of Moonrise, the dream of the m...Show More
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jhawthorne recommended:

I really enjoy this podcast so far. It's the most inquisitive podcast about the Apollo missions I've heard.

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