Black and brown women have not been allowed to exist in the world as the fullest expressions of who we are and who we can be. Violence, deprivation, and oppression have ruptured our connections with our bodies, our spirits, and each other. But healin...Show More


51:01 | Jul 16th, 2019

Bodies. We all have them, so it should be easy for us to love them, right? Well, it’s complicated: how we see our physical form is just one part of the equation, and so much more is at play in the way...Show More
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We love listening in on hosts Nic and Lala's conversations about what they describe as "the intersection of personal healing and collective ...Show More

52:34 | Mar 3rd

While Indigenous Land Defenders #ShutDownCanada, what does it mean to be both a person of colour and a settler? As we feel overwhelmed and may need to balance showing up for others with caring for our...Show More
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45:21 | Feb 18th

Self-exploration of our sexuality can be exciting and daunting. Nearly one year after coming out as bisexual, Nic opens up about her feelings of not feeling “queer enough”, and Lala offers her experie...Show More

42:12 | Feb 4th

Diasporas are rich, vibrant... and complicated. While many of us feel deeply connected to the cultures of our heritage, we also feel like outsiders. So how do we engage with our cultural lineages with...Show More

37:59 | Jan 21st

2020 began with a lot of tragedy: Australia’s catastrophic wildfires, devastating loss in Iran, and the world feeling on the brink of impending disaster. Where do we go from here? In this episode, Lal...Show More
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