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Tales of Silicon Valley

The Times

In a major new series Danny Fortson paints a picture of Silicon Valley - how it became the most important driver of tech and society on the planet, and where the people who run it are planning on going next. Danny has been the West Coast correspond...Show More

31:49 | Aug 28th

Millions of people are working every day, every hour, every minute to keep the web safe for the rest of us. They are human filters, finding and blocking the worst things that humanity can muster. But who are they? Why do we hear so little about them?...Show More

36:00 | Jul 10th

Nolan Bushnell arrived in Silicon Valley in 1968 - and changed it forever. He started Atari, launched the video game industry, gave Steve Jobs his first job, and created the wild, convention-defying model of the modern tech executive that everyone fr...Show More
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32:15 | Aug 21st

Scott Kriens helped build the internet. Now he’s helping undo the havoc it has unleashed with a mountain retreat centre he’s built on the doorstep of Silicon Valley. We journey to 1440 Multiversity in the Santa Cruz mountains to commune with nature, ...Show More

32:07 | Aug 14th

A race has broken out in Silicon Valley to create a breakthrough "brain-computer interface". Such a device would herald a new era of telepathy, and eventually, merging with artificial intelligence. It also brings with a hornet's nest of challenges. W...Show More

28:56 | Aug 7th

Fifty years on from Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk, we investigate how billionaires are racing to become the first to settle on the moon. They are convinced that humans will soon be a multi-planetary species, with a permanent settlement in outer space wit...Show More

29:24 | Jul 31st

The city by the bay is ground zero of the tech revolution, but it has taken a dystopic turn. We dive inside San Francisco, where there are more billionaires per square foot than anywhere on the planet, but also more injection drug user than high scho...Show More

31:06 | Jul 24th

Michael and Xochi Birch launch Bebo, one of the first social networks, and ride it to extraordinary heights before it all comes crashing down. In the conclusion to this two-part story, we tell of the rise and collapse of Bebo, and how the Birches bec...Show More

21:48 | Jul 17th

Michael and Xochi Birch launched Bebo, one of the first social networks. They sold it at the height of the market for $850 million to AOL Time Warner. Two years later, AOL sold it again - for $1. In a two-part podcast, we tell the Bebo story: its ext...Show More

03:01 | Jun 28th

Introducing The Pivot - a major new series on Silicon Valley, the people who made it, and where it's going next. For information regarding your data privacy, visit