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They seem like a friend. Family, even. You trust them with your life. But behind the promises of fame, success, and riches beyond your wildest dreams... it’s just another guy in a fake Rolex. Con Artists peeks behind the masks of hustlers, swindlers,...Show More

56:23 | Aug 7th, 2019

In the 1990's, young writer Stephen Glass left college and entered the journalism world, quickly becoming a rising star. At the New Republic magazine in Washington D.C., Stephen dazzled his editors an...Show More

danny recommended:

My pick of the week. Really liked this 2 part-er on a con artist journalist.

51:34 | Aug 28th, 2019

By 1925, 28-year-old Franziska Schanzkowsky had forged a new life for herself posing as the long lost Russian monarch, Anastasia Romanov. For decades she would bounce from the palaces and mansions of ...Show More
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54:19 | Aug 21st, 2019

Franziska Schanzkowsky always thought she was destined for something bigger than the life of a Polish peasant. In 1921, after the fall of the Romanov Empire, 24-year-old Franziska claimed she was the ...Show More

29:21 | Feb 21st

In addition to new episodes of Con Artists each week, you’ll now also hear Crime Bites every Friday. Each Crime Bites episode gives you a deeper, yet brief look into true-crime topics covered at Parca...Show More

18:16 | Feb 20th

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