The Long Hallway

Skylark Media

The Long Hallway is a thriller anthology series, releasing every Tuesday and Thursday. Behind each door lurks a tale designed to send a chill down your spine. These bite-sized, flash-fiction stories are written by members of the Skylark Media team.

10:05 | Aug 6th, 2019

Two sisters, similar in many ways, meet for a debate. Sophie can’t understand why Nina would have harmed herself. Yet. This episode of The Long Hallway is brought to you by Hunt a Killer, a monthly mu...Show More

06:36 | Jul 9th, 2019

College students Jack and Korrigan debate whether or not a local fraternity is responsible for a local death.   This episode is brought to you by Empty Faces, a monthly paranormal investigation subscr...Show More
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08:37 | Jan 14th

The Sneak tells true crime stories from in and around the world of sports. In this season, they look at a bizarre heist planned by a disgraced former athlete. Listen now at

11:46 | Dec 17th, 2019

BLOOD TIES: A scripted audio series starring Gillian Jacobs, Josh Gad, and Amy Landecker. When legendary pediatric cardiologist and businessman, Dr. Peter Richland, is killed in a plane crash two days...Show More

23:09 | Oct 25th, 2019

From Gunpowder & Sky, welcome to DUST: Horizons, an anthology of immersive science fiction audio dramas ranging from classic tales by pioneers of the genre to thought-provoking stories from the emergi...Show More
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