Drinking And Screaming

Drinking and Screaming

With Drinking and Screaming, you’ll find yourself pulled into a new horror film to discuss and a new cocktail to try every week. We’re a new liquor and movie review podcast based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where each week we celebrate horror...Show More

51:59 | Aug 30th

This week we watch one of Kelly’s favourite films: It Follows! We dive into this modern classic’s cinematography, analyze the rules and symbolism that govern the monster, and try to decipher just what “it” wants. **Content Warning: Sex and STIs H...Show More

46:41 | Dec 6th

Kicking off Drinking And Screaming’s “Month Of Candlenights”, we watched Gremlins this week! Discussions revolve around the true evil of this film (people who want to kill dogs), how adorable Gizmo is, and cultural appropriation. As always, lots of t...Show More
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42:34 | Nov 29th

On today’s episode of Drinking And Screaming, we dive into Char’s favourite horror film: The Strangers! Kelly makes an awful mango drink with hair particles, and conversations revolve around society’s pressure on women, Liv Tyler’s awful acting, and ...Show More

59:23 | Nov 22nd

We discuss The Blair Witch Project on this episode of Drinking And Screaming, with Char making a forest-y cocktail to help us get lost in the woods. Discussions revolve around actor and character dynamics, the rebirth of the found footage style, and ...Show More

50:41 | Nov 16th

This week we made TWO COCKTAILS to go along with our movie of the week: Us (2019). Discussions revolve around cultural appropriation, musical themes, and cinematic laziness. Also we’re finalists in the 2019 Discover Pods Awards! Vote for us in the P...Show More

1:04:12 | Nov 8th

Drinking And Screaming dives into Silent Hill this week, and we need the help of friend-of-the-podcast Norris to get it done! We discuss the similarities to Silent Hill (the video game), the awesome horrific creature design and choreography, and… The...Show More

48:45 | Oct 31st

Wait a minute! Today’s not a Friday?! This episode of Drinking And Screaming comes out a day early to coincide with the movie of the week - Halloween (1978)! Discussions revolve around this iconic film’s camera work and music, and the original Scream...Show More

49:06 | Oct 25th

Continuing with our “Best Halloween Vibes” movie list, this week on Drinking and Screaming we watch a very CREEPY found footage film… Creep (2014). Get it?! GET IT?! Discussions revolve around how the creators managed to make this film, and really di...Show More

50:45 | Oct 22nd

This week on Drinking and Screaming, we DON’T actually watch one of Kelly’s faves, but rather something he has never seen before: Ringu (1998). Discussions revolve around the differences between this original and the American remake, as well as wheth...Show More

42:20 | Oct 11th

This week on Drinking And Screaming, we continue our “Best Horror Movies For Halloween Vibes” with another of Char’s picks - Saw (2004). Jigsaw forces Char to drink an entire cocktail made of the thing she hates most! Discussions go from the crazy tr...Show More

46:13 | Oct 2nd

We’re participating in 2019’s “All The Horror” event - 31 podcasts in 31 days! For today’s episode of Drinking And Screaming, we’re watching the found-footage supernatural film called Paranormal Activity! Discussions revolve around our deepest inner ...Show More

57:32 | Sep 27th

Today’s episode of Drinking And Screaming focuses on the second of the Cloverfield franchise, 10 Coverfield Lane. A true Char Drink is this week’s cocktail creation, and we discuss how the combination of a small cast and the writer’s dance on the lin...Show More

51:53 | Sep 20th

Char and Kelly watched IT Chapter Two on its opening day, plus we have a very special guest on today’s episode… Get ready to meet Pennywise! Find out what all three of us thought of Stephen King’s IT remake sequel, and of Kelly’s cocktail creation! *...Show More

50:40 | Sep 13th

This week on Drinking And Screaming, Char and Kelly watch the first of the series that started it all: Friday the 13th! We do a deep dive into all its trivia, including some terrible on-set stories and casting decisions. Also find out which video gam...Show More

57:05 | Sep 6th

Drinking And Screaming tackles the Hitchcock classic: Psycho! We do NOT shy away from talking about the terrible-ness that is Alfred Hitchcock. Char dives into her film knowledge, and Kelly just wants to know why there’s so much goddamn food in this ...Show More

50:54 | Aug 23rd

This week we watch the Patron-voted-in thriller called The Gift (2015), starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall. A blast from the past wants to reignite an old friendship by giving you fish, throwing you a dinner party in a stranger’s home, and later...Show More

54:09 | Aug 16th

We had to fight tooth and nail to be able to see Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark this week. Char gives deep insights into her childhood reading habits, is the film adaptation of her childhood nostalgia up to scratch?! Hosts: Charlene Bayer & Kelly...Show More

58:02 | Aug 9th

Today’s episode brings out something that’s the very best and something’s that’s the very worst... You’ll just have to listen to find out what! Discussions revolve around child actors, zombie movie tropes, class rebellion, and more. Hosts: Charlene ...Show More

53:37 | Aug 2nd

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is the movie of the week, which leads to some very poignant discussions in this episode. Trigger warning for sexual assault and gaslighting. We whip up some of Dr Sapirstein’s Tonic, while we talk about sexism in healthcare tod...Show More

58:00 | Jul 26th

This week on the podcast it’s just family, and Chucky gets his hands on our drink! We discuss the shift from “voodoo horror” to “SmartHome horror” found in the Child’s Play 2019 remake, and our thoughts on the questionable casting. Remember: Always S...Show More

52:53 | Jul 19th

Does Child’s Play hold up, or should it be thrown into the ‘80s trash pile? Our special guest Joscelyne, born in the spoopy month, helps us decide! Practical horror effects, child actors, and awkward direction are all discussed while we drink our bes...Show More

1:09:26 | Jul 12th

This week, Char and Kelly bring on an extra special guest who is an expert on all things Norwegian and Swedish. Dave helps us navigate the FACT from FICTION in the horrifying slowburn of a film, Midsommar (2019). Kelly also creates a new cocktail cal...Show More

53:46 | Jul 6th

In our Series Premiere, Char and Kelly dive deep into the life of Annabelle, watching Annabelle Comes Home (2019) and creating an all-new cocktail called The Demon Doll. Or should it be called The Nipple? Does Annabelle have nipples? Listen to find o...Show More