Meditative Story

How to find -- and feed -- your passion, by Danny Meyer

21:43 | Sep 24th, 2019

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Restaurateur Danny Meyer takes us back to where it all began for him: a family trip to Europe and a simple plate of pasta. That memorable meal sparked a lifetime practice of discovery that continues t...Show More


waitwhat recommended:Mar 16th

Visit Rome with restaurant legend Danny Meyer, where a perfect plate of pasta opens his future before him.

epekilis recommended:Mar 16th

@mm @aliceko This was lovely. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t had the same wonderful foodie experiences that he has, but the descriptions were so vivid and the guided mindfulness so gentle that you could almost have a taste sensation through the earphones.

alicekoMar 17th

@epekilis What a lovely story to escape in times like this :)

mm recommended:Nov 26th, 2019

A beautiful audio essay on travel and food. I was salivating by the end of it. A pasta and wine meal for this would be a marvellous finish to the episode.

aliceko recommended:Nov 16th, 2019

Listen if you’re a foodie or if you need something relaxing to listen to before bedtime. Gentle, happy story about Danny Meyer (the genius begins Shake Shack and so much more) and his first food memories. Warning: hearing him talk about pasta will make your mouth water. @mm