Uncovering the Ep-Files with Liz Franczak, Brace Belden, & @yung-chomsky Perverts: Your Pizza Order (Small Cheese) has been cancelled

1:12:26 | Feb 19th

TrueAnon rides a horse into the Afghanistan of the mind in search of 9/11. Joined by truther extraordinaire we take a look at the history of of Afghanistan in the 20th century...Show More

03:20 | Feb 14th

To hear the full episode, subcribe at We peel off the layers of the modeling industry and the shed some light on the recent Victoria’s Secret scandals Tickets for Brooklyn: h...Show More
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1:12:52 | Feb 10th

Brace and Liz talk Iowa caucus, the grift of the consultants, and get generally frustrated talking about the democrats yet again

03:26 | Feb 6th

To hear the full episode, subscribe at Science Liz and Doctor Brace find a cure to the Coronavirus — but at the cost of their sanity Buy tickets for Brooklyn, 3/18: https://w...Show More

1:13:54 | Feb 4th

TrueAnon talks DNC machinations of years past, shallow state & media psy-ops, and reminds our listeners about the psychotic vampires who are out for blood and treasure
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