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New Hampshire Public Radio


How one small state got its hands around picking our presidents - and why it won't let go. An investigation into the power and people behind the New Hampshire Primary, and a political story unlike any you've heard before. From New Hampshire Public Ra...Show More


31:51 | Oct 9th, 2019

In New Hampshire, presidential politics is kind of like a state sport…and just like football, it can get it a little rough. In just a few months, voters in New Hampshire will send some presidential ca...Show More
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33:49 | Oct 2nd, 2019

For decades, New Hampshire could stand its ground and knock down anybody that tried to steal its prized possession. We're gonna tell you about some of the people who just wouldn't bow down to New Hamp...Show More
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If you follow Presidential politics, this episode on how the primary process is changing is a must-listen.

58:18 | Sep 11th, 2019

One man has built a reputation as "the guardian" of New Hampshire’s most sacred political institution. Some consider him an icon. Others say he’s a problem.  Stranglehold is an investigation into the ...Show More
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