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Ellie and The Wave

Himalaya Studios


When a global computer virus begins deleting all digital records, 30-something Ellie (Natalie Morales, Parks & Rec) buys an old tape recorder and begins narrating an “analog” retrospective of her life before all of her photos, videos, and corresponde...Show More


26:33 | Aug 17th, 2019

As a virus begins deleting data all over the world, Ellie Leafe decides to make an analog audio record of her life. She starts with the videos from her childhood and teenage years, reliving all of her...Show More
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jhawthorne recommended:

A creative storytelling device. Ellie basically recaps her life growing up and I'm a big fan of Paul Scheer as the dad

21:23 | Oct 3rd, 2019

Ellie looks back on her journey, figures out some things, and takes a huge leap of faith.
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18:39 | Sep 26th, 2019

After a big loss, a bigger loss, and a failed attempt to be 22 again, Ellie looks back at a time when she grew into herself, which is maybe what “growing up” actually means? 

24:21 | Sep 19th, 2019

Big changes! Highs and lows! Engagements galore! Ellie starts to suspect that she might be slightly responsible for her own behavior, which sounds far-fetched but hear her out.

22:25 | Sep 12th, 2019

Ellie finally settled down, sort of, kind of? She reviews videos and messages from a time of confusion, periods of joy, and a room full of Dereks. 
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