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Bear and a Banjo


Bear and a Banjo is a new musical podcast that tells the incredibly tall tale of a band that time forgot. Although history may have left them behind, Bear and Banjo rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest musical icons in history—from Leadbelly an...Show More

30:58 | Oct 3rd

Bear and Banjo find themselves on a midnight train ride from Chicago to New York with Sonny Liston, the mob and Muddy Waters.

29:32 | Oct 17th

J. Banjo becomes America's biggest children's entertainer only to be run out of town by J. Edgar Hoover.
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32:55 | Oct 10th

A tall tale about ear worms, jug bands, radio jingles, sonic weaponry, LSD and the CIA - all loosely based upon a Mark Twain short story.

04:36 | Oct 3rd

Bear and a Banjo is all about music and its impact on the world.  In the spirit of Bear and a Banjo we partnered with One Medical to create a song using 200 anonymous internet posts about mental health. We hope it reminds people facing mental health ...Show More

02:04 | Sep 26th

Join our unlikely heroes, Bear and Banjo, on a musical adventure through the history of Americana. 
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