Sports Criminals

Professional athletes are some of the most idolized figures in the world; they have millions of fans and millions of dollars. Sports Criminals is a Parcast Original highlighting professional athletes who thought they could get away with anything, inc...Show More


07:52 | Mar 19th

Today’s episode poses the question: how far would you go to help a teammate win? Well, in 2008, Formula One driver Nelson Piquet Jr. answered in a big way, causing a debacle that would undermine F1 Ra...Show More
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Interesting concept - especially with the state of sports now. I feel like each of these shows could be their own season

46:35 | Apr 2nd

She came out of nowhere to win the 1980 Boston Marathon—only for it to be revealed later that she won the race by cheating. Discover how Rosie Ruiz’s mysterious beginnings led to a lifetime of lies.
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07:26 | Mar 31st

We have reached the year 2020! So that means this is the last episode of our special, but it’s a good one! It’s about the sign-stealing scandal and the Houston Astros.

07:03 | Mar 30th

This is our penultimate episode—covering the mysterious deaths of horses at the Santa Anita racetrack during 2019.

05:37 | Mar 29th

Today we go back to 2018, with a cheating scandal that rocked the cricket world. You’ll never believe how these players got caught—and how rough the consequences were.
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