Sports Criminals

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Professional athletes are some of the most idolized figures in the world; they have millions of fans and millions of dollars. Sports Criminals is a Parcast Original highlighting professional athletes who thought they could get away with anything, inc...Show More

44:18 | Feb 13th

Eventually known as the “Poker Princess,” Molly Bloom never intended to enter the world of gambling. Her life was supposed to be devoted to competitive skiing. In fact, she had never played a single g...Show More

40:27 | Feb 6th

After losing to Texas in what many consider the greatest college football game ever played, news began leaking to the press about financial improprieties committed by Reggie Bush's parents. Despite be...Show More
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13:15 | Feb 4th

Sure, you’re a fan of true crime—but are you ready to put your skills to the test and be crowned an undisputed expert? Then try your hand at our new trivia podcast, Killer Knowledge. Every Tuesday, tw...Show More

42:59 | Jan 30th

In 2003, the USC Trojans transformed from mediocre football program to magnificent power house under head coach Pete Carroll and running back Reggie Bush. But years later, Bush’s tenure as a Trojan wo...Show More

42:15 | Jan 23rd

In the backyard of his estate, hidden by high fencing and dark walls, NFL quarterback Michael Vick ran “Bad Newz Kennels.” There, dogs were trained to fight, pitted against one another, and killed whe...Show More
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