Focus on This

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Start loving Mondays! Courtney and Blake give you practical tips and proven strategies for increasing your focus so you can be more productive than ever before. Based on the proven Full Focus method used in the Full Focus Planner™ they'll help you ba...Show More


31:28 | Mar 16th

You dive into the day with a burst of energy—and you get stuff done! Until lunch, that is. Afternoons are a different story. You’re tired. You can’t focus. Your productivity goes into the tank, so you...Show More

38:14 | Mar 9th

You love your work, and you can’t wait to get started! But somehow, the day never goes as planned. You get derailed by low-leverage tasks, and half the time you don’t start your big project until afte...Show More
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34:53 | Mar 2nd

As a high achiever, you have the ability to laser focus and put out huge productivity. But it can seem like your life has no boundaries. Work bleeds into personal time. Your personal habits get errati...Show More

32:19 | Feb 24th

Keeping your goals and projects moving is not about time management—it’s all about visibility. We’ve got a foolproof hack for keeping your big rocks visible before they tumble down on you. It’s called...Show More

31:53 | Feb 17th

You’re a high achiever, which means that you’re getting tapped for greater responsibility. You start each day with a plan, but you quickly get sucked into “reaction mode.” Urgent requests and demands ...Show More
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