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This is your brain on TikTok

28:46 | Mar 1st, 2020

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How the app can turn teens into Internet stars and just as quickly forget them. Featuring Maia @mxmtoon Rebecca Jennings @rebexxxxa Links to resources discussed: Tikked off: What happens when TikTok...Show More


mm recommended:Jul 2nd, 2020

Great TikTok 101 and how its changing teens' relationship to fame and their mental health.

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mmJul 2nd, 2020

@boogie33 If you had to listen to any TikTok episode to understand the app, would recommend this one to start.

rmmiller364 recommended:Jun 23rd, 2020

I’m really enjoying listening to all the episodes on the TikTok Deep Dive. I especially appreciated the second half of this episode which explored how hard it is from a mental health standpoint when a teen’s TikTok popularity suddenly decreases

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mmJun 23rd, 2020

@rmmiller364 Glad you’re enjoying it 🙌 It was inspired by your initial enthusiasm for it. Let us know if there are other topics you’d like to see become a Deep Dive!

write2tg recommended:Jun 23rd, 2020

Why even at 19 years of age, TikTok makes you feel old!

rmmiller364Jun 23rd, 2020

@write2tg hahaha, yes, I was struck by that comment too!

mmJun 25th, 2020

@rmmiller364 @write2tg Same camp. That moment when you feel like a dinosaur when a 19 year old feels old on TikTok....

flajee recommended:Jun 23rd, 2020

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