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Long May They Run


From the team that brought you Root of Evil and Gangster Capitalism, comes a brand-new series, Long May They Run, a groundbreaking music documentary podcast series. Season One focuses on the band Phish. There are great bands and there are great ...Show More

45:37 | Sep 18th

Long May They Run kicks off Season 1 with a front row look at Phish’s roots and creative evolution, as band members and those in the inner circle explore the inspiration behind Phish festival culture, as well as the risks and relationships that were ...Show More

44:39 | Oct 2nd

Two simple words have enhanced the way the band approaches music, and each other.
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50:56 | Sep 25th

When Phish plays a show, there are only four people on stage.  But off stage, there is a supporting cast of creators and deal makers who embraced what many did not yet understand, and who had to stretch their imagination in order to continue to push ...Show More

45:54 | Sep 18th

Phish travels into uncharted territory while spreading its influence among a rapidly growing community of artists, professionals and fans who become leaders in a new festival movement.

04:20 | Sep 15th

Season One of this groundbreaking music documentary, Long May They Run, will focus on the band Phish, and how they are among only a handful of artists who have sold out stadiums for decades, redefined the bond between artist and fans, influenced a wa...Show More