Camp Monsters

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These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North America. A wolf man with bat wings thirty feet across. An enormous eel in America’s most popular lake. A frog half the size of a man. Somethi...Show More

36:08 | Oct 24th, 2019

Deep in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey is a cursed creature that has haunted the region for centuries.
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30:10 | Oct 22nd, 2019

Listen close, or the Snallygaster will get you. This notorious monster was dreamt up to scare misbehaving children into behaving. Or so we thought…

29:57 | Oct 17th, 2019

If you hear a blood-chilling howl in the Ozark hills it’s time to head inside.

25:37 | Oct 15th, 2019

There have always been whispers of something that roams at night near the river in Loveland, Ohio. There’s a creature down there that you wouldn’t like.
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