The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

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We now know that Jeffrey Epstein was a sexual predator. He was also accused of fraud, embezzlement, coercion and more. But for most of his life, he was a mystery to the public, and to many of the people who knew him. In this six part series, we peel ...Show More


41:32 | Oct 1st, 2019

It starts with a schoolyard fight that leads the Palm Beach police to a horrific discovery about Jeffrey Epstein. The evidence is clear. But it will take a newspaper investigation a decade later for t...Show More
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The third Epstein podcast has debuted. So far I recommend this one the most as the narrative style of Wondery podcast like American Scandal ...Show More

31:15 | Oct 8th, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein didn't just want money. He craved status. And to get it, he'd use his connections to one billionaire and the daughter of another. ”Muddy Water” is performed by Lucette. To hear more,...Show More
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06:55 | Apr 2nd

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05:41 | Mar 24th

Joe Exotic devoted his life to raising and breeding lions, tigers, and other exotic animals at his Oklahoma zoo. He croons ballads, shoots guns, and puts it all on YouTube. But he’s also made a lot of...Show More

32:02 | Mar 17th

Host Lindsay Graham is joined by legendary business reporter and Bloomberg Opinion columnist Joe Nocera (The Shrink Next Door). Nocera has written about Jeffrey Epstein and his finances. They discuss ...Show More
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