Dolly Parton's America
Dolly Parton's America

Neon Moss

41:18 | Nov 5th, 2019

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In this episode, we go back up the mountain to visit Dolly’s actual Tennessee mountain home.  But, can you ever go home again?  Dolly tells us stories about her first trips out of the holler, and shar...Show More


saam recommended:Nov 7th, 2019

Ok, here’s the thing. If you haven’t started to listen to this yet, get out from under your neon moss hole and start! And this episode goes to another level. Enjoy

jnk recommended:Nov 17th, 2019

There needs to be more discussion of Dolly Parton/country music as "immigrant music," which is such a fascinating facet of this episode.

kerningcultures recommended:Nov 18th, 2019

Never would have guessed that Dolly Parton’s music would take us back to a village in Lebanon and full us with such warm nostalgia.