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Goalden Girls Podcast

Lisa Michaud


How do you set goals and actually achieve them? How do you create an action plan and what are the strategies that make goal getting easy? How do you stay motivated and have fun while achieving your goals? And the biggest question: how can you have...Show More


34:04 | Jun 30th

There are two types of people out there: the first are the ones coming out of quarantine with a clean house, more money, and the ability to do more pushups than ever before. And then there are the one...Show More

44:48 | Jun 23rd

You started this year with HIGH hopes, big goals, and even bigger expectations. Nobody could have expected the coronavirus to come sweeping through and turn everything upside down. So how do yo...Show More
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44:52 | Jun 15th

Once you’ve opened your eyes to the racism that exists in our society, there’s no going back. This episode is for you if you want to know where I stand. It's for you if you are evaluating who you list...Show More

27:58 | May 29th

Today’s episode is about why trying to “just survive” is holding you back and keeping you stuck. I know things seem tough right now, but I wanted to put together this special episode just for you to i...Show More

1:07:51 | Apr 24th

Are you someone who hasn't started a business yet but you’ve always wanted to? Or, are you someone who has a business and you’ve been forced to take it online because of COVID-19? If either of thos...Show More
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